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  1. A recap of 6/7 - 6/8 evening.... Yellow 13 pwnes Wespip !!!! Loads of fun, but I feel kinda bad for the other guy. Wespip wins by the skin of his ass. It made me glad it wasn't a ranked game, I would have been royally pissed. But all said and done, It was good fun with some funny moments, especially when Wespip stuck me with a grenade while falling. I had to give him merit for that.
  2. I just set an order for a free copy of Forza Motorsport... but that won't be in for a week or two
  3. That really sucked, I still can't believe I lost that badly... Consider yourself pwned
  4. You fuckin' ho bag! 160+ megs and not one shred of me? YOU'RE OUTTA DA CLAN! Ahem...
  5. Lazy lost by 2 seconds I wanna see some stuff with me in it!!!!
  6. Had fun this evening with Lazy Leaf, Sonic, and Icy Guy. Playing that team slayer game in Coagulation made for some interesting plays, besides the constant nagging and bitching from the other team (which I must applaud Lazy Leaf for dealing with) Lazy Leaf: "No! Don't kill me! Lets be friends!" Me: (Unaware that that's what Lazy Leaf was saying) Snipes Lazy Leaf almost immediatly after finishing the sentence.
  7. My spring semester is almost up and I should have a little more free time to play. Expect to see me more often within a week or two.
  8. I might play sometime this evening, if anyone wants to look out for me, I'm Deimos0034. I live on the west coast.
  9. Thanks to whoever here is WesPip for sending me a clan invite
  10. Well, since all rankings are being purged on Monday, I can start on a clean slate. You can review my ranking by clicking the link underneath my sig. I'll join the clan if someone invites me.
  11. Why does everyone think Sephiroth was hard in Kingdom Hearts? That battle is like something out of Megaman. He has a simple pattern and if you pay attention he's a piece of cake. Yeah, the fact he has a pattern to his attacks makes it easy and I almost beat him once, but I have problems when he does that "Heartless Angel" attack. He slashes me up before I can even think to use an elixer.
  12. -Golem Twins from Chrono Trigger -Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts (Not from FF7, had no trouble with him in that game) -Ruby and Emerald Weapons from FF7 -The Skedar Priest from Perfect Dark (until I found out that you had to destroy the pedestal) -The painting monster in FF6 (or 3, whichever you prefer)
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