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  1. Okay, so I have a strong feeling that we're going to play Saturday night, unless I get called in and have to work (which in my case would actually be a very good thing). In which case it will be moved to Sunday night. I plan to be on sometime in the evening possibly between 8 - 9 PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME!!!! I know it's a little late for you guys on the east coast, but anytime earlier than that just doesn't work for me. If you happen to see me on earlier than by all means join in. See you guys Saturday
  2. So it seems we have a pretty good vibe for this weekend, I'll be around most of the day unless I'm looking for work or get called in (Which is unlikely but possible). I'm thinking maybe Saturday night between 5-10PM PST but that is subject to change. I'll let everyone know on Friday what's going on.
  3. I'm thinking maybe a sunday since I'm guaranteed not to work on sundays. So make plans for an upcoming sunday, but I haven't decided when it is yet. Probably this weekend, but I may have other things going on. Soon is all I can say.
  4. MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!! Well, maybe not so major. But I would like to try to get everyone together for a day of gaming sometime in the near future, just like the good ol' days . Because to be perfectly honest, I'm getting a little tired of playing with 10 year old n00bs who just rap and team kill (had a bad experience with one tonight ). But yeah, sometime soon. So I think whoever would like to participate PLEASE give me a list of days and times (with your respectable timezones of course) so we can work something out. I have been itching for a good fun session for weeks now and I haven't
  5. I wouldn't get TOO frustrated as it is only a game, however I felt the same way when I started playing Halo 2 online. As you get better things'll begin to balance out and you'll be put into proper groups. I found that Level 1 is a pandora's box area, since you can't really judge the n00bs from the veterans of Halo. After a few games you'll get used to it. But we at this group are pretty respectful most of the time and we're a blast to play with. So try and hold out long enough to enjoy it. If you're ever online while I'm on feel free to join me, we'll have some fun. BTW, sorry for not joining
  6. Blahhhrrrr.... I was hoping to be able to play right now, but apparently we're going up to Marin to visit some relatives. Merry Christmas everyone btw.
  7. I know it's Xmas eve and everything, but I might be on a little later today if anyone wants to join me for a couple of games
  8. That explains why you were able to beat me in that Rocketball match. Well I owned you both so there And I won by a wide margin if I remember correctly. Of course you royally kicked our ass in that crappy ninjanaut game.
  9. And now I return with excuses why I haven't played lately. Why? Because I have a life and a job. But mainly it's the job holding me back. It's hard to imagine that I'll have been playing Halo for a year in 6 days, kinda nostalgic. I might be able to squeeze in a couple hours of play on Xmas Eve, but don't expect me on again for almost a week or so afterwards since I'll be going to Lake Tahoe for my birthday. Hot damn, I'll be turning 21.... kinda scary.... But I'm sure you guys haven't missed me too much, however I will try to be on soon, but I'll be working a lot this week. Although I may (co
  10. I had a problem with Inhert from Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner. The thing would 0 Shift out of the way before I could land a hit, and after I did enough damage to it, the second half of the fight where you fight him in the dark had to be the most frustrating part of the whole game. I can't tell you how long it took me to beat the thing after having to continue so many times.
  11. Gee, I actually make an effort to get off my ass and put in Halo 2 and no one's on? I'm insulted
  12. I know it's been a while since I've played Halo (Close to a damn month) so I'll try and make an effort to play this Sunday after I do some X-mas shopping.
  13. did they let you take one? No. Plus I'm not really interested in the 360 at the moment.
  14. Well, we (at Toys R Us) just got our shipment of 360s just last week, and I thought they were fucking joking when I saw how many they sent to us. 16 units. With 8 already reserved.
  15. Man, I remember when I got on Wespip's case all the time for not playing, and now I can't find the effort to get online myself, or play videogames in general for that matter. I don't think I've touched my consoles in almost 2 weeks.
  16. Heh, I'm not part of the project, but way to tell 'em off
  17. This looks like a pretty cool project, can't wait to hear the end result... even if it does take a while (But waiting is half the fun anyway) .
  18. Might be on later today if I'm not doin' anything else. I just have to do some housework and I'll be good to go for the rest of the day. HOLY CARP! YOU WERE ACTUALLY ON FOR A CHANGE!.... um actually, I've been on a lot relatively in the past couple of weeks, you were just never on when I was I might play tomorrow-night after work or maybe even before work.
  19. Might be on later today if I'm not doin' anything else. I just have to do some housework and I'll be good to go for the rest of the day.
  20. If I'm gonna be on at all it'll be late tomorrow-night. But since I work both my jobs on Saturday, I'll probably be too wiped out to play. Then again, I'll probably be so frustrated I'll have no choice but to play . In anycase if I'm gonna be on at all tomorrow, expect me on around 10:30-11:00 PM WST (I know it's late, but oh well).
  21. The fact that I actually got him (Wespip) to play last night was a complete miracle. He's actually on right now, so as soon as my dad stops playing MotoGP, I'll be rushing on to compete with him (or against him).
  22. Ummm...hello? You could... you know, start your own
  23. Well, I was off and on today. Vaguely dissappointed that no one I knew was on. All I really did today was Team Sniper games (which I did okay in) and that was all. I probably won't play again tonight, but maybe tomorrow.
  24. I would f**cking play more if Wespip would get off his butt and play more as well . I'll have plenty of time to play tonight when I get home tonight and tomorrow night. If there're more than one person on tonight, then I shall play.
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