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  1. I tried Gogo a several times, but it was when he got serious that I didn't bother to defeat him. For the record: Meteor hurts, alot. I still have not been able to beat Emerald and Ruby Weapon from FFVII. And I have yet to beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts.
  2. If I'm not too busy tomorrow night, I might play. Next week is gonna be hell for me because I got another job working at Gamestop (Go figure huh?). So I will be doing training for a majority of the week and also work the day Kingdom Hearts 2 arrives (I'm a n00b! this can't happen to me 0_o ). Shouldn't be all that bad though, and at least I'll be makin' more money.
  3. I overlooked that... that's pretty cold man. Anyway, I'll probably play tonight after I look for some new jobs, I haven't played in a couple weeks so it would be nice to have a game to relieve some sress I've been under for the past week. If anyone wants to join in, I'll probably be on around 8:00 PST or later.
  4. Yay! I'm a staff member now! Thanks Wespip
  5. Pwnt. i wouldn't mind getting in on some ocr halo action. my username is I DbX I Bishop (it's my roomie's old account ) - i'm a lvl 29. i haven't played in ages, but i'm decent at BR and i tend to get REALLY freaking lucky. someone want to send me a clan invite? I'll be on tomorrow to OL-up Deej, so I'll send you an invite then. Make me staff while you're at it
  6. None of you voted for me!? I'll be sure the next time we all play to bring you all a very swift death Hey Wespip! At least make me staff
  7. I'll try and play tomorrow night Lazy, if you want to play and record some matches then.
  8. PWNT. By my...horrid memory. Rar. So everyone, just for the sake of being OMG SECRET BALLOT, cast your votes via PM to me. And the catch, a la reality tv...NO VOTING FOR YOURSELF. Do so, and you're disqualified. *dun dun DUNNNNN* I have a feeling this is going to come out strange.
  9. Oh snap! That reminds me that my subscription is almost up! I need to go and change my subscription plan so I don't get charged $50, because I really can't afford that right now.
  10. I'll take it!! Seeing as I'm always begging you to play and what not
  11. All right, I'll probably play tonight when I get home from work and send you an invite then.
  12. What's your gamertag? One of us will send you a clan invite sometime soon.
  13. Agreed . I can play some tomorrow night and sunday night, since I won't be working too late either of those days. I'll be home around 9'ish PST tomorrow and around 8'ish on Sunday. I'll also be free for a majority of the coming week.
  14. Good games everyone, I know I came in a little late for them though
  15. I'll do my best, mon capitan. 10 PM? PST or EST?
  16. I might play if I don't go to a LAN event tomorrow night. I haven't played Halo for a few weeks and was planning on playing soon anyway.
  17. I might play tomorrow night, but that's only if I finish the trance set I'm compiling. It may take some time and it won't be perfect since I'm an amature, but I'll be working on it for most of the night and will hopefully have it finished the following day. It's gonna be good ....I hope
  18. I might play a little bit tonight, but I might have some other stuff going on.
  19. Yes we did; that should happen every week. I'll whole-heartedly second that. Very good games everyone.
  20. I'm on right now, so I'll leave it on until someone joins in.
  21. I'm in, I don't work tomorrow. Just gotta go to the bank and look for a better job, but I should be home well before then
  22. Of all the FFX remixes available, this is by far one of the best I've heard. I like how it has that very epic feel to it and actually has a theme of it's own and does not mimic any of the tracks in the OST (That I can think of anyway), with the exception of the Hyme of the Faythe in the background but that is not dominant enough to make it the theme of the song. Very well done.
  23. Xbox........$150 Halo 2.......$39 Xbox Live Subscription.......$50 Royally pwning your friends in a Halo 2 match.......... Priceless
  24. I want to thank those of you who could make it to play tonight, it was a lot of fun.
  25. Well, the time has come. I'll start playing in about a half hour after this message is sent. Gonna eat dinner and take care of a couple things first. See you guys in a few.
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