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  1. Ugh, if not for evil food poisoning, I probably would have played tonight. But the ordeal I suffered the night before has left me extremely tired, and the hot weather is not helping one bit either. I am feeling better, so I might play when I get home from watching the Moto GP practice in Monterey (And I'll be going to the race on Sunday too ). I can't give a definite time when I'll be on because I'll probably go to the Bike Night on Cannery Row too, so I might not be on until late, and I wouldn't be able to play for very long since I have to get up early Sunday morning.
  2. Bitch! Also, sorry to anyone who was expecting me on Saturday. Apparently, I said i'd be on. When I said it, it was a good dozen drinks or so in, so I tend to forget small details. In light of that, Wes and I played a few games last night, but were rudely interrupted by random network crashes of evilness. But either way we had some fun.
  3. Could also just torrent. Easier than radipshare (probably faster, too, if my past rapidshare experience is correct), IMO. Noble Idea, but I honestly think that rapidshare is shit. If we WERE to go the route of free hosting, file front or something along those lines would probably be better. There's also FileWire.com. Just putting my two cents in.
  4. Well, Lazy was being evil and ignoring all my party invites . By then I gave up and played with some guys from Denmark.
  5. Played for a while with Dark Flame, mostly SWAT, and apparently missed Deej by about an hour. Lotsa fun until my craptacular wireless adapter decided I'd had enough But overall, lots of fun. And hopefully Wespip will show up so we can play in a little bit.
  6. Thread bump for great justice! I'll be playing some tonight with Wespip, but not until late (11:00 PST). But if someone would like to play with me earlier, post here and let me know. I'll be home from work in about an hour and a half, so you have time to get prepped. I'll probably start playing around 10:00 PM (PST) if anyone wants to play. If not, I'll just have fun pwning people in Team Snipers until Wes and his friend join in
  7. I played for a couple hours (My eyes hurt like hell now) and Metrion joined me for the last couple games I played. Meh, I had fun regardless.
  8. 7 hours AFTER I posted that and was busy with things...The point is I still played I might play a little later tonight if I have nothing else going on.
  9. Also, if you burned it to a CD and tried to play it on your Xbox, the system is pretty picky when it comes to burned CDs. I've had good luck with CD-RWs, but CD-Rs, forget it. Cool thing about CD-RWs are that you really only need one and just keep erasing and re-writing until you get all the music you want on the Xbox hard-drive. Hope that helped. Back on topic, take your time and don't rush the project. 1) Because most things that are rushed just to get it DONE usually don't turn out all they're cut to be. And 2) Just to spite the people who keep bugging you guys to finish this thing I dunno
  10. I'm on right now. Quit yer bitching and play
  11. Woah, I had completely forgotten about this project . I'm glad it hasn't died off yet Here's to hoping you guys eventually finish it
  12. I WAS going to finish that, but then my computer decided to explode and I lost that project AND Flash MX I might be able to make a GIF sometime but... WAIT!!!... If you're so good with graphics, why don't YOU just make one?
  13. I have about another hour and a half here at work (I'm taking a quick breather). I might play some when I get home but I can't say for sure, I'm pretty tired since I had to wake up at about 6AM to see my sister off to England. I've fallen asleep at the desk a couple times already So yeah, I might be on, but no guarentees.
  14. More games of goodness. I might play some more when I get home from work tomorrow. And Odessa, I have an AIM account now. I mailed it to your personal inbox.
  15. Eh, sort of both. If you're on frequently on Halo 2, that's a big plus. If you're on the site, it's not as big of a deal, but it does help as you can keep up with everything. It was fun playing with Darkflame and Ayadocus today we had a lot of good matches and stuff. I'll be playing now if anyone would like to join me.
  16. Or, in the case of the RL, do a jump-melee, and instantly kill someone. Melee also works for this trick.I'm more interested in that double-nade technique. Perhaps you could explain it? Or even provide a link to where you found that technique?
  17. I must learn these tricks, so that when I play with some guys from work I can pwn them with my 1337 skillz
  18. Wait.... what? I didn't mean for that to sound "wrong" you know
  19. Gwar... I think I've played my limit of Ace Combat Zero (And I think hell froze over as a result). I've already played through the game twice (and loved every second of it), so I think I'll take a break from it before continuing on. Anyway, on the subject of Halo 2, I might have some time to play late Saturday (After 5:00 PM PST) and most of Sunday if people want to bother me to join in. I'd be more than happy to play a few games because with all the gas inflation I don't think I'll be going anywhere. I'll probably pop in to see who's on, but if I don't see anyone on I probably won't stay on f
  20. We have one slot open to anyone whose willing to help us out, and able to handle high level peoples with relative/some ease. It's going to be rough and we can't have someone bogging us down while we need help =/....Are you subliminally telling me I'm not any good at this game?
  21. 360 lags halo 2. Keep yer old box for old xbox games, as devin and z have learned that the hard way at times...In other words, IM BACK BITCHES! Saturday I hope to have our SWAT team get us a rank or 2 in clan matches... If the SWAT team includes me, I won't be able to make it saturday because I'll be working until midnight (WTF!?). I'm not very happy about it. I don't know what my schedule's like next week, but I might play Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Anything beyond wednesday I'll be playing Ace Combat Zero
  22. I was dissappointed to find that no one was playing on Saturday, as I was playing for a majority of the day with a friend of mine who was in town for the weekend. I'm not working tomorrow or thursday, so if I feel like it I might play during the night.
  23. I've had hardly anytime to play, but I might have Saturday available to me. If anyone wants to play then, I might be on. I feel like killing something, rough week
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