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  1. I might play this evening, but I might also see War of the Worlds with my dad since I've been looking forward to seeing it for over 5 months. And in light of the new maps finally coming out next Tuesday, you will see a lot, lot more activity out of me.
  2. It's on the way Edit: And done. It's not much, mainly because I really had no ideas, but here it is... I may or may not play tonight, but if I do, I'll be on sometime around 9'ish.
  3. Yet another fine evening of gaming. Special Thanks to Deej Valen, Redchlorine, Sonic00, and some other random people who happened to join in the slaughter. It was fun guys, thanks a bunch And damn you Wespip for not joining us when you said you would Either way, I had fun. Good games everyone.
  4. Well, a special thanks to Dr. Marius for pointing out that the rest of the downloadable maps (Turf and Sanctuary) are now free, and many thanks to Redchlorine, Sonic, Magicshmop, and Wespip for a funfilled evening of slaughter I'll probably be on again tomorrow evening if I'm not watching RahXephon (that I will be buying tomorrow now that I have lotsa money unexpectedly) And I will probably be more active next week when the Halo 2 maps are released next week. Also, not clan related, but still very cool, I will also be getting this soon. I can't wait !
  5. I really hope that those two statements aren't related. No they aren't, sorry to dissappoint you.
  6. Well, I just got back from the Monterey Blues Festival were I was given, of all things, free condoms and lube I'll probably be on fairly soon.
  7. Well.... I'll give it another try tomorrow.... maybe. I can't promise anything.
  8. Eh, I was hoping to end my long hard day of work with a night of Halo, but I ended up getting frustrated at certain points and inevitably quit playing because of a lack of cooperation and bad choice of games. Sorry guys, but it just wasn't fun .... And my slayer game is NOT stupid, redchlorine
  9. You should have sent me an invite , then again, my connection was pretty laggy last night. Oh, and I'm in the second level on Legendary, it's super hard . I'll be on again tomorrow though, I'll be burned out from working and looking for action when I get home. At least mine wasn't "boring", and that name part can easily be fixed
  10. ... I like MINE better edit: also, these have made me notice..where's red been lately? haven't seen 'im around. edit2: may as well provide constructive criticism . Add a [simple] border, and maybe soften the edges of the text. Also, that background is glaringly-filtered. Might wanna change it a bit. A little overly critical aren't we, Wespip? Sorry that I didn't spend more than 15 minutes on it.
  11. Yeah yeah, I'll come up with something.... Edit: And here it is.
  12. I saw her loafing around when I was checking my stats online (since she's on my friends list too) but when I signed on to Xbox Live, she had gone away. This all happened within about 2 minutes, and I was sad that I was not able to play against or with her. Well, I have the day off tomorrow so if anyone wants to play, let me know.
  13. Not much to really report on, but I thought I'd post something funny that a guy ranted about after we royally pwned his team. QotD This isn't quite the way he said it, but it's he same general idea (The hooker thing added for extra humor by Carbon Copy01 ).
  14. That's what I did to fix mine last week, I stepped on it and broke the hinge that holds it in place so I took some electrical tape and a little bit of modeling glue to put it into place. Worked like a charm
  15. Well, besides two Double Team games playing against some real racist assholes, tonight's session was pretty fun Redchlorine and I dominated many of the Double Team games we played and kicked off the rest of the evening when Wespip FINALLY joined in and played some custom games. Heh heh, I won most of them QotD (A person we were playing against had a bizzare name called DrBeaverNipples and I kept getting the name wrong) Me: I killed Dr Beaver erm... thingy! See you guys tomorrow night
  16. I guess this time it's my bad... had kind of a rough day at work so I really wasn't in the mood to play. Sorry. If I'm not too wiped out tomorrow, I will play from about 10:00 to about... whenever.
  17. I keep missing you guys by about 5 frickin' minutes . Please stay on until at least 10:00 PM PT so I can at least play one match. But I'll be home tomorrow at close to 7:00 - 7:30 PM PT and maybe 10:00 PM on Saturday but don't count on it, since I work both jobs that day .
  18. YES!!!!!!! I got my computer to say "DOH!!" as well. I can make that one an alternate
  19. Wait! What the hell? What are you talking about? Edit: Never mind, I didn't know you were refering to the Retardnaut game. I still think it's hilarious I even won that one
  20. I never had a problem with you, I thought you were cool. Still do.
  21. Yes, but it was much fun Long live RETARDNAUT!!!!! Anyway, here are the games that I totally pwned at... Fiesta Slayer with sniper rifles as random weapon on map . I was one point away from a Running Riot until Redchlorine ended my spree Another Fiesta Slayer game with rockets as random weapon on map (That was a really close game too, Redchlorine ) Naked (No shields) Sniper And then there were games I sucked at, and Wespip will most likely brag about them later. Sorry I had leave early last night though
  22. just... ...no. Agreed. Halo Limbo is bad enough. ... But maybe Halo Halo Revolution... Agreed
  23. STOP! Let me have my few moments of glory please ;_;
  24. Man, I'm mean to this clan! Yeah. I've noticed. Seconded
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