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  1. Lotsa random funness this evening. While I owned a few games, I lost my fair share as well, so it balanced out well To Lazy Leaf: Thank you for giving me the heads up for that media player, it is so much better than quicktime . Also, while I don't have the AOL chat, I do have MSN. If you have an MSN messenger passport, you will often find me there. If you don't have it, just DL it and fill out a small sign up form. It's free of charge. I also have Yahoo IM, But I hardly ever use that account. Hope you feel better by the way.
  2. W00t! I finally have a vid with me in it! Thanks Lazy!
  3. Well, I know it's late, but I'm gonna try and get on now. Lazy and I had some fun earlier and totally pwned a double team game that cut it pretty close. BTW, thank you for uploading that game vid too Lazy. I'll have to DL it when the servers actually move a bit faster . Edit: Also, I have found a skill worthy of a badge: The Spartan Samurai! Don't believe me? Check this game for proof. I didn't win the game, but the running riot and rampage I got with the sword was quite satisfying. And I think Sgt. Stryker can concure with me on this one
  4. Well, I came on expecting to play with some clan members tonight, but no one was on. Not like it mattered anyway, as my connection was super laggy for some reason. In any case, I was bummed out. But on the upside, I am inching my way through legendary in Halo 2, having completed Halo 1. But those damned little sniper jackel bastards certainly are getting the better of me. Hopefully there will be a turn-around tomorrow night.
  5. Well, I know I said I would be on the past couple days, but some stuff has arisen that has taken priority. Mainly this wierd lump on the back of my neck that has been causing me some pain the past couple of days (I'm hoping it's just a cyst or a muscle knot). On the upside, I have just completed Halo on Legendary mode and am quite satisfied with the humorous extra part during the ending scene I'll try to be on tomorrow night if I can. Chances are I will be.
  6. Ha Ha!!!! My new copy of Halo 2 came in today so I will be playing this evening when I get home from work (Approximately 10:00PM WST). See you guys then
  7. Do some extraordinary playing and show some skill and I will make you a medal badge to go with it (See Sonic's explosive badge made by me) That reminds me, I have yet to make one for myself but I don't know what special skill I have that distinguishes from the rest of you guys. Any ideas?
  8. Looks like I missed out on quite a bit. I'm about ready to say "screw waiting for my free copy, I'll just buy the damn thing... or at least have my current disc refurbished." Ummm..... I was playing Halo 1 I am almost finished, currently on the level The Maw. A lot of progress for one evening (See my last post).
  9. You know, if I saw you on, we COULD play some CS, though I'm horrid at it. And everyone knows, by "you guys", you mean me. Everyone always does. Don't flatter yourself. By "you guys", I meant Deej Valen, Sonic, Icy Guy, Redchlorine, and you. I'll be back on by hopefully the end of next week, so I'll be out of service for a while. On the upside, I have been improving my normal skills by playing legendary mode in Halo: CE. In this way, I have improved my grenade tossing and single weapon skills. You will see little change after my two week abscence, well, maybe a little improvement. I am up to t
  10. I sure hope my new copy of Halo 2 comes in soon, I miss you guys
  11. ^ | L___ = Sorry, that just sounded funny to me At least I have a software problem (Which might be solved as of this morning...)
  12. That post made absolutely no sense at all
  13. Here's a pic from Laguna Seca during MotoGP yesterday (also posted in the motoGP thread). Just to show you guys that even Halo 2 freaks like us can get teh gurlz
  14. Old news, but thanks for the post . I heard it was some glitch that happens if someone joins a game on a severely laggy connection.
  15. Well, I went to the MotoGP race in Monterey today and I came home thinking I was going to die at any given moment (mainly because we had to leave at 5 in the morning to be there before the croud got worse). So in reality, I only got about 4 hours of sleep total last night. Besides, my copy of Halo 2 doesn't work anyway and it made me sad...
  16. I unfortunately won't be on tonight, as it would appear my Halo 2 disc is damaged and my Xbox will not read it anymore . So I probably won't be on again until I get a new copy of it.
  17. Awesome. One thing; can you make it so its 148 pixels high? Will post a smaller one shortly... Edit: And done... it should fit your proportions now.
  18. Not much of a playful night for me, mainly in part for me joining in late . Oh well, I won a territories game and I don't work both jobs tomorrow, so I should be on sooner tomorrow. And in light of Sonic's Uber-awesome explosive talents, I hereby award sonic... Edit: Oops, mispelled a word, and fixed
  19. New maps belong to me! I won't be on tonight because I have a horendously messy room to clean so I will be on tomorrow. And for those of you that don't have them yet, GET THEM NOW! they kick ass. Edit: Well, I just finished a run through of my exploration and have concluded that my favorite of the new maps is Terminal. I like Backwash too, that should make for some very interesting games at some point. See you guys tomorrow.
  20. <3 Catgirls, anthros, and anime stuffs... I'll hafta admit that some furries are ok though. Not all of them >.< ::too big an otaku person guy who doesnt care as long as its anime:: Oh yeah! I think I'll post this! http://www.bungie.net/Stats/GameStats.aspx?gameID=228415983&player=Deej%20Valen http://www.bungie.net/Stats/GameStats.aspx?gameID=228406339&player=Deej%20Valen OMFG! That was hilarious The last match with them was a bit annoying, but all in all, SPOODGE will be our new joke. That and Lazy's vibrator
  21. Well, I didn't get my maps (Gamestop didn't have them yet, the bastards ) but they wiil for sure be in tomorrow, and since I decided to splooge and buy it ahead of time today, that insures me a copy tomorrow. And since I have the day off tomorrow, I will be starting the slaughter earlier than usual. In short, I will have the maps by tomorrow and will be playing a lot. Till then, I'm just gonna play some campaign tonight.
  22. I'm planning on buying the disc release (if it's available where I live yet) today. I should be on later this evening if I have it in hand. If not, I probably won't be on until I have them.
  23. yes, we ran into Spooge 2 times in a row and pwned his ass back to the stoneage. Lots of people wanted to lose tonight, didnt they? We all got a few levels from that... Yes indeed. But it's not SPOOGE, it's spuge For amusement purposes, it's SPOOGE. Say otherwise and you're out of the clan Okay, then allow me to correct it again.. it's SPOOGIE
  24. yes, we ran into Spooge 2 times in a row and pwned his ass back to the stoneage. Lots of people wanted to lose tonight, didnt they? We all got a few levels from that... Yes indeed. But it's not SPOOGE, it's spuge
  25. Kind of a random night with equally random games. Still had fun though
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