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  1. I've placed a .rar of disc 1-4 (with CD images) on Megaupload. The link to it is: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WJ3USD6A Enjoy! This is ONLY for the MP3 version.
  2. Definitely a great start to the year........ I'm reminded heavily of Rosenthorne, though - is this the same theme?
  3. does anyone else think of the rave sceene from Matrix Reloaded?? in some ways, especially the outro, reminds me of that.. ....
  4. I'm going to sum my opinion of this in a cliche one word sentence as though my opinion is not just a drop in the bucket, but the actual bucket a drop is being placed in: Cool. Yea, that sums it up very well. Post-edit after further criticism to give further props to Darke: I guess it's difficult to enjoy a song such as this from more recent Mega Man remixes considering those had more symphonic elements that continuouslly said "HERE I AM!! ROOOOOARR!" (especially considering recent entry from MMZ2, Cool Mind). Yet, this song can be appreciated in the dynamic that it seems static but actually has quite a bit going on within; as noticed a bit down, the tempo changes slightly in the second half of the song, primarily as it nears to the 2:00 mark, but then resumes its previous groove. This may be a mix more or less meant to be in a certain mood for it, but that it has some ambience to it alludes to a further "chill" feeling - that this song may introduce that mood, a la the recently departed Israfel's Shiver's remix, Cerebral Rose Jam; however, the latter does so in a much more seductive way. Father of All may not be a direct "kick you in your FACE so you move" kind of song, but at least its a good, steady melody that proves to be a good mix over the original.
  5. For some reason I kept thinking of Deus Ex whenever playing this mix.. I dunno. As others have said, it has ag reat feeling to it that leaves you feeling a little chilled out for it - definitely well done and enjoyable.
  6. Awesome stuff. Very.. pseudo-mellow while not exactly hardcore to the edge. But, it brings back memories vaguely of Xenosaga - a gbame that certainly needs more music than a mere battle theme and cinematatic melodies. In any event, this song - translated as "Another Departure" - will keep you to your seat.. or at least near your radio.
  7. This track is an absolute dream.. Or at least dreaming is what I'll do listening to this track. Very relaxing, subtle use of instrumentation... Absolutely beautiful.
  8. Having heard the original, it certainly goes to a different angle. The drum beat is not a problem; it may seem incredibly simple, but then again.. pull anything off very well and it is likely others may think it easy to do. I gotta agree, though, the delayed synth flute... bleh. Samples from the original might've done better, or perhaps an alternative instrument (i.e. more violin!!). But, still very well done. Congratz. Edit: I kinda gotta reiterate now after hearing the track a couple of times, but asfter listening to this song while waking up the flutes came off as a counter-balance, of a sorts, to try and show how etheral it can be wandering aimlessly.
  9. One of the things I like about this song is the looped melody stays at a level consistent with everything else and yet never truly changes - the effects within the song cause it to shift slightly, but always reutnring to the same point. It's easier to notice at the beginning of the song. In any event, oddly enough this has gotta be one of my favorites from Rayza, despite the overbearing enjoyment from other tracks such as Gallantry or Whirlwind, to name some other trance/dance/techno-ey remixes by him. That, and it's funny as hell to see people's reactions when I'm moving my body to the beats in a quiet, almost nonchalant way as I walk through the halls at school listening to this.
  10. i downloaded koing in concert shortly after it first came out, and i gotta say, this is probably my favorite track on it alongside Vigilante's Beneath the Surface. i cant help but love it.
  11. I really appreciate the eastern tone within it. While the piano is definitely there, this is a very.. orchestral arrangement proving itself to be an emotional journey... Red XIII, IMO, has the best theme in this game, since i also loved Nanaki Searches for Truth ~~ http://www.ocremix.org/detailmix.php?mixid=OCR01104
  12. Awesome kick ass song that I remember walking around the campus bobbing my head to nonstop. So many people gave me such strange looks when I started dancing to the beat afterwards. This deserves 4 kick asseries out of 5.
  13. I gotta say, this is definitely a superb remix. This mix definitely has a "get up and kick ass" kind of feel to it, and the sound clips, while at first seem awkward, are an instant hit in which many people, including myself, have laughed or or enjoyed as part of the song. The overall feeling the song gives as it changes the tempo in some places while still maintaining the same theme in the backdrop only accents the overall feel of the song, keeping it pacd out really nicely, while yet making it much more enjoyable as things change slightly, such as the dramatic stop/go towards the end. Love it. Hell, even the mentally retarded client that I tend to take to work in my car loves it. And that, oddly enough, is actually a really big praise to be said, since developmentally disabled individuals aren't exactly easy to please at every turn.
  14. Finally, a Metroid Prime remix. i just got the soundtrack off a friend a while ago and even when i was playing through, i KNEW phendrana just needed to be mixed. it seemed so likely. and then i heard this. awesome stuff. indeed, the bassline is awesome. the transition between areas isn't truly too noticable, definitely a good sign of flawless transitioning. Hopefully there will be A Little Bit More remixed off of Prime's tracks. *4 pesos*
  15. Intense, really. Very melodic, and the rising pitches only accents the overall quality of it. I gotta say, I truly enjoy this - it seems to be a great effort with even better results.
  16. <3 Ziwtra. Okay, not really, but still, this is some really solid stuff. Definitely a great follow up to Reviving Zue - heh, I "accidentally" left it playing for about 15 minutes. If I can tolerate it that many times in a row, it sure as hell is good.
  17. Pretty friggin' amazing. It's a relaxing blend of well used techniques.
  18. Wow, that was an incredible piece. I don't know what to say, I feel kind of speechless.. and I'm late for class.
  19. Finally, some love for this game I was just thinking in my head the other day "Y'know, we could use a good SoE remix.." Alas, my prayers were heard. And they were heard well, for this piano piece is definitely intriguing, very beautiful and well played. My mind returned to the game - I easily picked up on Ivory Tower - and reminicsed of pig fairs and brutishly ugly queens ruling the land with puppets. Keep up the good work.
  20. Also being a huge fan of EarthBound (Starmen.net, or actually before the conspiracy revolving Tomato and Buzz Buzz on that site, EarthBound.net, being the first video game site I had ever really gone to), I could only place maybe half of the original music in this song - but I love it! It's techno-ey, it's mellow, and it's just incredible to listen to. I recently put this on a CD to listen to while studying and constantly finding myself bouncing the highlighter to the beat of the music. Very enjoyable, very good composition, and overall just a great piece. I especially like the drum-like beat around 2:40 that seems to be coming off of the battle music.. Keep up the good work!
  21. I really enjoyed Drop and Roll, and this follows well in terms of flavor and style. Quite enjoyable... I especially liked when 2:30 when strings got involved, while still maintaining the background beat without sounding, well, weird. Now, in search to find the original....
  22. Yes, Sonicade's was incredible - but that isn't the piece in question. This is undoubtedly a great song, and I especially enjoyed the melody's intro done in harp. Being a huge fan of orchestral music, this really hit the spot, except the change around 2:07 - it seemed to change a bit too much and would've preferred the flutes to continue, even if that would've sounded redundant. I'm guessing this is where the remixer "left off" before, but still a solid piece of work. I give it a 6/10.
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