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  1. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  2. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  3. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  4. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  5. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  6. Super Mario World 'Super Mario's Sleigh Ride' Sorry about not getting to the late Christmas Eve mixes earlier I've been with my family and playing with all of my new stuff. Now, to the ReMix - What can I say? It's just some REALLY well done live video game music action It's really fun to listen to to. The OneUp Mushrooms cover several Super Mario World tunes here. It's a must download Super highly recommended. I respect these guys a whole lot. I've always dreamed of playing live video game music with some buds, and these guys fulfilled my dream, but for themselves. It's all worth it, thoug
  7. Lufia II 'Christmas in the Village (Silver Bells)' You can't get much more Christmasy then this. All through this song I'm just waiting for Anne Murray to start up her vocal cords. I can't say that I'm incredibly enthused about this style of music... but it is Christmas so I'll live. Another excellent piece of work for the Christmas holidays. Great work Dale North.
  8. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 'Ice Attack' This is some solid trance here, people. Though I don't have time to rant about the merits of it, I'll just say that it's really enjoyable. That is, if you like trance, but from past experience of the general population at OC that really shouldn't be a problem. ^^ Me likes
  9. Super Ghouls'n Ghosts 'Ice Mountain Symphony' Mythical sounding strings and flutes start out this light hearted cover of the Ice Mountain theme. I rather enjoy the ethereal quality of the instruments and theme. They fit together very well. A shame this one is so short, but you can only get so much of a good thing.
  10. Sonic 3D Blast (SAT) 'Snow' Well this is something interesting. Somebody should go play this in a mall on the eve of Christmas while everyone’s shopping. That ought to get some heads bobbing in the heat of the Christmas rush, especially with that little interlude at about 1:03. Great work, Jivemaster, keep it up.
  11. William Wobbler 'A William Wobbler Christmas' This one is a much more up beat Christmas tune then most. It’s comparable to Jingle Bells, but only if it’s done by one heck of an innovative and imaginative orchestra. And the name Slow Poison defiantly doesn't suit this, I’d say that’s really got to go. Besides the name, Mr. Poison, I love this piece work. Go to court and get something done about that.
  12. NiGHTS into dreams... 'Merry Little Christmas' This is a very light, very Christmassy piece. It’s too bad its late spring, because I’m sure I could give this a much better review on December 24th. But I will say that it does put me in the mood for some eggnog, regardless of what time of year it is. Excellent work, Dale North, keep it up.
  13. Donkey Kong Country 'Christmas Cave' I love what Deimos has done here. A very interesting melody, but don’t think that just because I say melody that it’s boring. This one keeps changing things up, and moves to a new feel, and then back again. Not for those who need high energy techno, or hard core rock to survive, I’ll admit, but calm soothing music has its charm as well. I love this piece, Deimos, great work.
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