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Found 6 results

  1. After listening to (probably) every one of the "Shadow" remixes on OC Remix... and the VGMix archive... I am still trying to track down the artist/album for this particular one. We must have first download this as kids off the net in the late 90's (maybe early 2000's). And despite listening to the many other amazing Shadow remixes here, still keep coming back to this one. Any help or guidance on who made this is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. anybody here know of any good BAROQUE TREATISES ON MUSICAL PERFORMANCE? it's for this:
  3. I wanted to stay close to the original melody but create still a clearly new version, hope you guys enjoy it!
  4. Hi OC Remix! I want to share my newest arrangement, intertwining the the themes of "Terra" from FF9 and "Phantom Forest" from FF6. These tracks both introduce new, mysterious locations to the gamer, twisting what they've learned so far in the game. Ironically I just happened to listen to these songs one-after-the-other in my playlist, and immediately heard the similarities! My arrangement strays from my usual style of upbeat remixes.. It felt weird to me to keep a beat with barely using any percussion. I hope you enjoy listening to this! I'm open to any comments and feedback, and greatly appreciate your time listening to my music. Thank you!! My ReMix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaFFnD-uCco FF9 Terra Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1kNuPj2vO8 FF6 Phantom Forest Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq8TV1PqZvw
  5. (Please be Aware I'm French, so my english is known to be sometime quite ... Frenchy. Sorry for that.) Edit : • 07/08 @22:57 GMT+2 : Fixed Version as Ready for review ! More info on Materials, and writing. Also Final Name ! • 07/04 @1:35 GMT+2 : Wip Update With bridge to part2 • 07/04 @08:23 GMT+2 : Wip update With Completed part2 with more source material (Sonic's Genesis robotknik(s), Final-Fantasy VI hear-alike, "Batman" hear-alike, and some other micro-cameos) Hello World ! I'm coming back from the dead since my OCR01946 of ... 2009 (with another account since I've lost the other one's email Long time ago). Anyway here it is, an "Orchstral" Rework / Whole new sight on the Infamous "2Players VS" of Dr Robotnik's Mean beans Machine. I think I've already heard the original tune going endlessly in mind-breaking loops for Something like 18h straight when I was younger. Two decades after that, I'm up with a W.I.P. of an expiation of sort. It's meant to be a First track of an upcoming series called "Eggman Plays The Orchestra" so it's voluntarily meant to be "huge" as a "catchy" announcement to what's coming next. As usual with me it's written with a lot of ostinato's and Staccato's, with distinguishable part. The main part's are written in 4/4 for the first one (Dr Robotnik Mean bean machine), and alternating 9/8 and 12/8 for the Second part (Mainly Eggman theme from Sonic & Knuckle as a base). The song name "La méchante Machine à Haricot" is a straight French translation of the "The Mean Bean Machine" locution, which fits quite well for Eggman's behavior and being, I thought. I Hope it sounds at least pleasant for your ear or your mind (if you have the same Sega's puyo-puyo trauma as I have). Hoping for feedback, hopefully the unpleasant one's are the most important to go through so... Don't hesitate to be rough ! Best Regards, C. The Song : • mp3 : http://www.brigato.fr/files/CBLMMAH.mp3 • Soundcloud : The Original Materials : More materials from : Various Sonic/S&K cameos, Final Fantasy 6&7 hear-alike (Intro from FFVI, Jenova from FFVII, Kefka From FFV6I, Decisive Battle from FFVI...)
  6. Hey there! First time posting to the WIP forum, but I finally have a remix I feel would be up to par for OCR standards. This one is from my third time entering Dwelling of Duels, and I managed to snag third place during MAGFest/Collaboration month. For collaborators, I recruited old bandmates and friends of mine from the thrash metal scene. These include bassist Mike Dreher from my old band Condition Critical, Tony Barhoum from the same band to do two guest guitar solos, and drummer Brian Westbrook from Lich King who also helped with production. I did all of the arrangement and all of the guitar playing except for Tony's two solos (we both had two guitar solos in this remix though). Here's the source Here's the song uploaded to the Dwelling of Duels YouTube page Here is a direct link to download a WAV file of it from our Google drive folder Here it is on my Soundcloud Source breakdown if you want it: 0:00 - 0:21 This is a reference to both the original Veldt theme and the intro to an Artillery song which the name of this remix came from. We tried to make the drums a mix between the Veldt drums and the drums from that song. The guitar riff has the same rhythm as the Artillery song, but with the notes from the first section of the source tune. 0:22 - 0:44 Original riff that I wrote to go under the lead coming up. 0:45 - 1:05 Lead guitar with the main melody from Wild West (the source tune). 1:06 - 1:27 The next section from Wild West played as a thrash riff with lots of triplets. The lead coming in after the first break is the melody from the section of Wild West that the rhythm guitar is referencing. 1:29 - 1:39 Guitar solo by me. The rhythm guitar under the solo is the bassline from the last section of the source loop. 1:40 - 1:50 This is a thrash rendition of the same section of the source that the rhythm guitar during the solo was playing. 1:51 - 2:08 Guitar solo by Tony Barhoum over a clean guitar section that is a direct reference to an Artillery song. 2:09 - 2:32 Guitar solo by me over an original riff. These two solo sections are the only parts of the song that have no references to the source. 2:33 - 2:53 Thrash riff directly based off of the source tune. If you couldn't tell from the rhythm guitar, the lead comes in halfway through this section making it more obvious. 2:54 - 3:14 Thrash riff also referencing the same section of the source. This one is a little more liberal/obscure because it was originally supposed to be another guitar solo from someone who did not have enough time to record their parts before the DoD submission deadline. If there is anything I am specifically asking for suggestions on, it is whether or not to just take this section out entirely, record another solo over it, or just leave it be. 3:15 - 3:49 Breakdown riff directly from the source. 3:50 - 4:00 Drums directly from the intro of the source tune. Mike also decided to lay down a little mini bass solo over this section, which I didn't originally plan on but think it sounds rad. 4:01 - 4:43 The rhythm guitar plays the main melody from the source tune, and halfway through this section Tony Barhoum goes into another guitar solo. 4:44 - 4:56 Short ending riff not from the source. Sorry for the long post, but hopefully the breakdown was helpful The arrangement is pretty liberal, but after going through the breakdown I'm certain that it passes the 50/50 guideline because just about every section contains a reference to the source, if not is directly from the source. The sections I would think could be left out would be the intro (since the source reference is admittedly pretty obscure), the second guitar solo over the clean section, the third guitar solo, the section I mentioned that I would consider taking out, and the ending. These together add up to 1:56 worth of non source out of 4:56 worth of total music. That means it's about 60% source, and that is me being harsh and not counting two sections that do have references to the source. Unless I am an idiot and miscounted. Thanks a bunch for any feedback you're willing to give on this!
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