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RoeTaKa - Mad Nes style song


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Don't hate on me for not being truly nes with this.

Been listening to Shnabubula's new album alot, got me to do this. Haven't been able to do my own thing for quite a while so this was alot of fun.

Have fun with it!

http://www.arnoldascher.com/dragonarmyinc.html now on DragonArmy.

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Ooh, a new Roe track.

Been a while. Comments to come eventually!

Yeah right lol.

Thanks guys. I did this in FLStudio. Shnabubula hooked me up with some nsf type sounds used in a sampler, aswell as the nes drums. Then I just used Chorus/Phaser/Buzz Effect Adaptor to automate the sounds in places. Drums were just my own addition. I guess if you wanted the sounds you'd have to pm shanbubula and he might be able to sort you out.

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