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Tetris Attack


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Anyone who's played this game know it's crazy-wicked AND the music is mega-awesome!! .. I tried to find a link to a mp3 or even midi soundtrack but no dice. but come-on mang!? there's only been one remix so far? since every song is soo good, wouldn't this be the next great remix project/collection?

what do you think, mr djpretzel, kind sir??

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Ditto. I'd also love to hear a remix of the Critical (Danger) theme from Flare's Stage (the Panel de Pon side) - that tune was wicked cool. 8)


I almost forgot. You could find a bunch of midis in the S-Z section of VG Music's SNES section (scroll down past the first few Tetris titles). Not all of the tunes have been covered there yet, but quite a few have. Naturally, midi quality isn't always the greatest, but at least it's something... until we get some more remixes here, that is.

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Tetris Attack Project Post


I put together some teasers as I do want to release some of these on OCR once I'm done with them.


If someone wants to lead the tetris attack project - I'd be willing to finish these up and maybe do another one or two.  I have fond memories of the game as I played a ton with my wife when she was pregnant / young mother with my two kids (who are now grown up).  I started these songs when I was deployed to help out with the Hurricane Katrina relief (I worked the power software used to restore energy - and we did it really fast, worked through the night to get schools/hospitals restored).

Needless to say - they're super old and would need rework to have better samples/structure/etc and I'd probably rewrite most of them (as I layout below).


Lunar Panic Plans:

Most of my better remixes are usually darker and fast, which is why I chose the panics (though Sea and Water I find to be more relaxing).  Here is an example of a recently completed mix (which is where Lunar is likely to go):


Sea and Water Panic Plans:

I was planning on doing something a little lighter - I'm not really sure where I was going to go with some of them (One of them I 3 minutes of work, but I'd probably re-do it).  Tempted to do Lo-Fi or do a Armin van Buuren style techno - or something like The Last Firefly:



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i personally think the tetris attack music is very serviceable if a tad forgettable...

the sped up tracks at critical points always did the trick for sure. but the themes by themselves? just very serviceable, but not much more if you ask me.

idk, could still result in a fun album if you thematize the whole tetris attack energy correctly.

because lemme say....



tetris attack is like maybe the best fucking 1on1 game ever. it literally has time bending properties once you really get into it. normal tetris is fucking BS in comparison.

(i never got good at normal vs. tetris, but i really understood the magick of tetris attack/panel de pon. it's like a mathematically psychedelic experience, because no joke, when you're in full flow mode you experience a real bending of time. this is a legit psychedelic game.)

(also to my shame, i tried it again on my handheld emu a few months back, and i couldn't even beat it on hard vs. CPU. while i was regularily practicing against roomies 15 years ago, the super hard hidden CPU mode wasn't a problem. i wanna play this again, but i got no ready opponents.)

(tetris attack should be offered in every nursing home. if you can beat the CPU on hard at age 70, you won't get alzheimer's. just my opinion.)



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