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  1. I wouldn't mind checking out what you have. Why'd the project cancelled? I think even if we got a handful of songs together a small release might be possible.
  2. Way late but I just put together Froggy's Theme and recently submitted. I may have a second version on the way soon too that I'm getting a real drummer to collaborate on.
  3. This is awesome! My only suggestion is the test screen with all the colors should be on the TV... I just lost my suspension of disbelief at that point because I was wondering "was I watching a youtube video of a screen that was also recording yet another screen?" I think you could instead just show the test screen on the TV, then slowly zoom in to make it take up the full screen before scary face.
  4. Oh wow, the memories! I forgot how good this game's music was. Definitely suits the synthwave style. I like the way the beat drops into the melody in WIP 2 better around 0:45. It might be because you kept with the consistent melody in that version and delivered on my expectations. You could try enhancing the drop by doing a subtle white noise riser leading up to the drop. That's all I can really suggest, this is sounding very polished.
  5. Sorry, I'm practicing my click-baity titles. Here's a lullbaby I wrote for synthesizer. I used a Yamaha QY70 to sequence the beat, then connected it to my synths. I also send the signal into Sonic Pi and had the MIDI trigger code snippets to so strange glitchy sounds and randomized sample elements.
  6. Yeah I mean adding a delay every once in awhile might sound nice on the guitar. And thank you... that's the only thing I didn't think to try haha, so obvious.
  7. I like the laid back vibe. If you wanted you could throw in a bit more variety with the guitar by having say an echo effect that only echos out the last note, or a chosen note in the bar. Something like what performing guitarists do with their pedal boards to quickly trigger an effect. I also wish the arrangement was longer. Maybe you were getting to that but I think I'd prefer if it was 3-4 minutes giving you room to experiment and solo on the guitar a bit, or even drop out the guitar to simple rhythm and get the piano going wild. Also, I'm new to the forum. How do you get the source video to appear in the forum as a video? I couldn't figure it out in my recent post. I tried embedding but it just showed up as HTML code... If you have time to answer let me know. Thanks.
  8. A synthwave rendition of Hurry! by Nobuo Uematsu, featured in the game Final Fantasy VII. This is my remix. This is the original song for reference. My arrangement is done on synthesizer. I kept the same BPM to give the same overall timing but manipulated the beat into an electronic/synthwave style. I also introduced many new instruments, micro-rhythms, and timbres.
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