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Tetris Attack


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Anyone who's played this game know it's crazy-wicked AND the music is mega-awesome!! .. I tried to find a link to a mp3 or even midi soundtrack but no dice. but come-on mang!? there's only been one remix so far? since every song is soo good, wouldn't this be the next great remix project/collection?

what do you think, mr djpretzel, kind sir??

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Ditto. I'd also love to hear a remix of the Critical (Danger) theme from Flare's Stage (the Panel de Pon side) - that tune was wicked cool. 8)


I almost forgot. You could find a bunch of midis in the S-Z section of VG Music's SNES section (scroll down past the first few Tetris titles). Not all of the tunes have been covered there yet, but quite a few have. Naturally, midi quality isn't always the greatest, but at least it's something... until we get some more remixes here, that is.

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