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Link's Awakening Remix


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This is my first time doing anything like this so I'd like some feedback. It isn't close to being done, but I figured I should get some criticisms before I got too much farther.

So far the song is a rock version of Tal Tal Mountain and the Overworld from Link's Awakening.



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This source has been remixed a lot, so let's see what's new here, or otherwise worth noting... Worst first.

Bass is a jumbled mess of what sounds a bit like guitar "bass" pitched down a couple of octaves. You can accomplish pretty much the same sound by playing sampled bass way too low. It sounds organic enough to be recorded, tho. It would need a much cleaner recording to work, and dropping overdrive or whatever's been applied probably won't do enough. Bass is noisy, grainy, and jumbled. The arrangement isn't bad, but the recording and processing is.

Guitar sound is pretty generic. A faint auto-wah or other volume-triggered effect would be nice. Recording is a little messy.

The strigns and the first synth don't really come in at the same time. It's a cool effect, but it sounds too accidental here. Longer strings before the synth, or have 'em come in much closer to each other. There's also a bleedthrough from something in the very beginning. It's a later concern tho.

Drums are really quiet, most of the time, I'm only hearing the hihats and crashes, tho occasional snare fills can be heard. Overall, the mix is just raw. More attention to track/channel levels, even in this early stage.

Arrangement is a little difficult to judge in the mess. I like the second half of the wip more, as it's not what we've all heard before. What I've heard before, at least. Do more stuff like that!

This could end up really cool, it'd just take a lot of cleaning up - cleaner recordings, cleaner mix... which takes work, takes time, takes patience. The Tal Tal Mountains and the Zelda overworld themes are both used in a lot of remixes, I recommend listening to those to get ideas of what you could do that nobody else has done. With sources this remixed, you gotta find something new to bring to it. Good luck!

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I like to bang my head to music. Well, not physically, but I'd like to think that if I was enthusiastic about a song, that it would have a nice beat for me to bang to.

Like Rozovian said, these drums are quiet. You can sort of hear hi hats and cymbals, but the snares barely come in. But I get the feeling that even if you beefed them up, I'd still be yearning for a stronger beat. Maybe a base, or especially load snare hit.

The lack of drums especially hurts the beginning. I couldn't tell if it were a build-up, or whether I was supposed to already be hearing the awesome.

Also, maybe some softer stuff? More synths, strings, wind? Or maybe keep the ones you have playing longer and cut out slower. I dunno.

It's OK. Upbeat and stuff. I'd say with a little work it'll be pretty good. With more...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's an updated version:


The song now includes Tal Tal Mountain, the Staff roll, and the Overworld from Link's Awakening.

Sorry for the little blip at the beginning

I hope it has improved. It obviously still needs work though. Thanks for the feedback

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First off: Thank you for remixing the credits. Seriously. I don't understand why that song isn't more popular.

Second: You should really expand upon each theme more. They flow into each other pretty well, so maybe you shouldn't mess with the arrangement of the first part, but I'd like to see you mix the themes a bit more liberally in the second half. Maybe try to pull them all together in an interesting way.

And yeah, there are still some problems with sound quality, but I'm no expert on that, so I'll leave it for someone else.

That said, I really enjoyed it. I'm a big fan of the Gameboy Zeldas.

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The guitar and bass still overpower the drums. I think the bass is what is causing a lot of the distortion. It might be fixed if you pan the guitar and bass away, not entirely sure however. It sorta seems everything is panned in the middle, so I would suggest trying to separate the instruments to achieve a stereo sound rather than mono.

The intro is a little abrupt, it might work better with fade in. Even though it's short, it seems to work.

Melody and progression is strong, but I feel the drum rhythm becomes odd at around 0:40, or it may be just because of it being drowned out by the bass.

Work on quality, and it will be a pretty good remix imo.

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The bass is kick ass. I am digging this. Just too much noise. And needs drums mixed in there.

A galloping rhythm guitar a la edguy, kamelot, ect metal with heavy distortion playing 1 e and a 2 e and a 3 e and a 4 e and a 1 would sound sick I think.

If you don't have a guitar I could play that for you.

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I love the sound you have going on in here. As it is. Raw, noisy and distorted. Great groove! Or I don't know if that should be called a groove, but the rhythmic feel is great. You can feel the rhthym being pulled viscerally out of the bass and guitar. I don't want this one polished, at least not too much! I think even the drums are pretty fitting, while I can understand people consider them weak.


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