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Pendulum's latest single - Propane Nightmares, and new album In Silico dated!

The Unsung Plumber

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For those who care, Pendulum has recently announced the release dates for there new single and new album.

From their site/myspace blog:

'Propane Nightmares' will be available digitally from April 14th, and physically from April 28th. There are 500 vinyl promos (Original Mix / VIP Mix) going on sale towards the end of the month, but you'll have to visit your local record store for those.


'In Silico' was mastered last week and will definitely be released worldwide on May 12th. Everyone involved is extremely happy with the end result... hope you lot like it as much as we do.

They have also released the music video for Propane Nightmares, Which can be found here.

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I really enjoyed that; I don't think they "sold out" just because they did a different style - I personally wouldn't want a rehash of Hold Your Colour anyway. (Plus, Jim Jones references? How exactly is that "mainstream"?)

Anyway, I'm sure the new album will have some oldstyle pendulum tracks just like we all have come to know and love - no reason to call them "traitors" just yet...

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Oh sure, one might say that they are merely trying something different. But after seeing so many, many artists make it big and then decide to replace elements in their style with more traditional, digestable material for more "casual" listeners, an obvious pattern is emerging. Why would everyone go this exact route and call it "experimenting"?

It's just glaringly obvious to me how this single is supposed to catch and reel in the attention of people normally confined to rock music, not neccesarily because they think it would make the music more interesting.

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I just watched the video, and to be honest I wasn't at all impressed. The vocals really didn't do it for me, and the structure left something to be desired.

Hmm... pretty cool... doesn't compare to Granite, though, IMO.

I'm not sure whether statements like this make me laugh, or die a little inside.

Granite sounds pretty much the same as Slam.

Going back a little further, Streamline sounds pretty much the same as Spiral.

Don't at all get me wrong though, I like Pendulum and will definitely check out the new album, but this change has been happening for a while (See the tracklisting change on Hold Your Colour's re-release, etc). Whether for better or worse, we're all yet to see.

What I'm interested to know is how mainstream chart listeners will react to the new single, and furthermore, how other artists will react. Take for instance the handful of acts who were seen to be emulating Nine Inch Nails' take on industrial rock in the mid 90's (eg Gravity Kills) - will we again see 'copycat artists'? ...Will Madonna ask for Pendulum to produce her next album (right after she deals with Timbaland?)

The only other instance of dnb having a firm influence on a top40 song is Puretone's track Addicted To Bass. It was a greatly popular song, but a one-hit-wonder... Only time will tell.

EDIT: Looks like Puretone might be coming back.

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FiremanJoe, thank you, totally know what I'm getting at

I mean look at the live shows, they're pretty much the only electronica band that actually preforms their stuff live with a full band. They've posted that they wanted to blend the synthetic with more traditional instruments, you can totally hear that in say "Girl In The Fire."

The only problem right now is that the fans are taking sides between Granite and Propane Nightmares, saying one is better than the other and insulting the other. Learn to love it all together

This one blows Granite way out of the water still, hopefully the rest of the album goes in this direction

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