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  1. From already playing it extensively in the arcades and at Street Fighter Club San Francisco, this game is exactly what the genre needed. Near perfection, accessable for all comers while the new Focus Attack lays down a ridiculous layer of depth Get it
  2. Two words. Hella tight, not much to say other than it was awesome
  3. Metal Slug 1 got ridiculous play from me since it was at the place we always ate pizza, the whole game is just burned into my brain
  4. Take me off the list, not using GGPO and bad rules make this a no go for me If anyone wants to play me whenever I have some time on GGPO or whatever, holler
  5. Sure if I can make time between college, work and life
  6. Me and Arek went down to Axis Gaming's West Coast Majors which turned out to be the biggest smash tournament in history with 303 entrants in singles and probably 400 people just chilling and having fun altogether I got tied 33rd, horray
  7. Word on the street is that the current cut is at 3 hours-ish but they're trying to get it down to 2 hours 30 min-ish? Zack is being very picky about it
  8. Watchmen world looks needlessly dingy and depressing? That's new Yeah, they don't even give me time to take a break, as soon as Dark Knight is finally out we get this trailer, back to the nerd hype pile
  9. Spoilers yada yada To people wondering why Batman saved Dent and not the girl, he wasn't trying to save Dent. Joker mixed up the addresses on purpose, it's a joke Also, Batman just tackled Dent, he didn't mean to kill him or anything he just ended up falling. Also notice the coin landing face up, lucky side. Dent can still be alive or he can be dead, it's totally up to interpretation as of now Batman doesn't kill, period, it doesn't matter what anyone does he will not kill under any circumstances
  10. The midnight showing of Snakes on a Plane was probably the greatest movie theater experience I've ever had because of the crowd itself Seeing Dark Knight at midnight, going to rock my face one thousand ways
  11. I'll probably give this a try since WoW got old again after like a month, Guild Wars I'm not going back to and well I just need a MMO or Diablo like game to kill time in the summer
  12. Question, does anyone know what Revenge of the King is or Meta Knight Ultra are? They sound like you get to play as Meta Knight and Dedede and well...my heart would just burst out in joy if the Dedede part was true
  13. The Falco you where playing messed up, otherwise you'd go a while longer Just wanted to let that out so people don't think they can break out so quick
  14. From what I've heard, the script makes a really good action movie but a bad Max Payne movie Still I'll probably watch it
  15. Terrible, bLiNd is one of those people who brings you to the website when you come for your first time. Nothing but high respect towards him
  16. He's better relative to BrawlIn Melee a lot of people stacked up near equally to him, while in Brawl he just destroys a huge amount of the cast and gives the rest a mostly hard time Also his side B in air has so little lag it's criminal, mixed with lazers he has the best keep away game in Brawl
  17. Talking past works It's not hype either. I've been watching and waiting for this film for two years, everything I've seen leads to classic. There's hype for crap like Transformers and then there's this Go watch it and tell me I'm wrong in two weeks Also this is going to rape the box office for lack of a better word
  18. Seriously do the research, director, writers, cast, music, the few clips that we've seen and ask anyone who's seen the film or read a review, everything points to best movie of the year at least
  19. Anyone who doesn't think this is going to be the best film of like the last ten years is just stupid. This is our Star Wars, our Godfather, ect. Movie is going to destroy faces in all aspects (quality, box office gross, awesomeness) and Ledger's preformance is going to scare the hell out of everyone
  20. Falcon, duh Falco? Not compaired to the standard other characters are held at in Brawl, he's either equal or a little better
  21. Oh dear lord, the world is not ready Too good
  22. Good stuff, Finding The Pocket is a favorite for sure. Overall quality stuff
  23. What characters? If you say it works on all characters, why haven't you tested all of them? What real life player was trying to DI or airdodge? Level 9 computers don't count At first a ton of characters could standing grab infinite Ness and Lucas but with PROPER DI and dodging the list was shortened. All signs point to a dead obvious no Sorry, I just hate these kids trying to "find the new wavedash" or whatever and being totally off
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