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OCR01695 - Final Fantasy VI "Keep Out the Veldt"

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Very few are vocal remixes that make it sound like the source material was written for the new vocals. This is one of them. Good work.

you know, i felt the same way at first. i was surprised that the veldt was never done vocally because i think the source almost BEGS for it.

I download these mp3s at my work cause my boss doesnt mind. And if there is a song I dont like I just leave it on my hard drive. I got plenty of space. But this song got deleted. Combining geeky RPG,s from the old school past with rap music is about as retarded as it gets.

"Imma bust a cap in you armor with my 20 sided die G!!!"

honestly, i'm put off by your lack of perspective.

i'm particularly good with criticism, especially about my rap since i was thoroughly galvanized by the whole "Niggaz 4 life" fiasco but geeky rpgs? "imma bust a cap in you armor with my 20 sided die, G?"

that's almost too dumb to warrant a response and i avoided it initially but oh well

i don't think i once said anything about busting any caps in any armor. not once. in fact, i don't think i actually referred to anything, lyrically, that had anything specifically to do with the game (except for the part of the hook: "Keep out the veldt" which is also the namesake of the track). aside from that, there is no mention of any "geeky rpg things." it appears that you're grossly mistaken.

aside from the reality that there was hardly anything geeky about final fantasy III (or VI) seeing as how i absolutely loathe japanese-heavy rpgs and still loved that game for the gaming marvel that it is, there is no reason for you to be so critical of the game... first of all, on a game music site (if you're too cool for final fantasy III, you're really in the wrong place, bud) and secondly, when nothing at ALL is retarded about interpreting something in a novel way... especially on a videogame remix site.

really, why are you here if you're put off by the very essence of what this site is all about? even if you don't like the song... saying that "Combining geeky RPG,s from the old school past with rap music is about as retarded as it gets" is counterintuitive and, to use your eloquent vocabulary, kinda retarded.

that said, the veldt's theme lends itself perfectly to the treatment i gave it regardless of what your pea-brained perspective tells you. i may certainly have done it no justice, i admit that possibility... i'm no pro emcee, but the veldt fits naturally into a hip hop groove and the notion of this wild place where there is total despotism and utter primal madness fits very well with what i call home... the humble yet eclectic and socio-economically diverse landscape of Long Beach, CA. sometimes it can get a bit wild out here if you know what i mean

i'm singing about my home the same way that gau would have likely referred to his

nothing about capping people, buddy. there's certainly a territorial sense to it (entirely intentional) and i'd imagine that everybody, to a degree, is at least a little bit "space" conscious and while some have smaller territories than others, being weary of uninvited visitors is something i'd imagine most people, even knuckleheads like you, can relate with... without resorting to cheap ebonic-mocking stereotype comments

sorry you didn't like the track but thanks for listening anyways!

have a very nice day

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I thought I'd surely already commented on this. Evidently I'm experiencing reverse-amnesia. :P

Rather uncharacteristically for me, one who rarely finds rap songs palatable, I did enjoy this ditty. It's light & fun, and doesn't seem to take itself too seriously, certainly so when compared to heavy gangsta. I enjoy the creativity and novel nature of zyko's mix.

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I'll start off by saying that I used to like rap back in the day. I don't anymore, but I have to say that I listened to this track at least 15 times on a trip back to NY. The beat is great, the flow is smooth, and the lyrics are solid.I also like the fact that its so different that alot of the other remixes on the site, and not just for the sake of being different, either. I like it alot. My only complaint is that you need to speak up a bit. Some lyrics mid way through get lost in the music. Thats it. Love the track, and thanks for not making mindless rap. We have enough of that on the radio nowadays.

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I really enjoyed this mix... from the beginning "aww shit" I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I could tell it was going to be special. :lol:

I'm not a big fan of rap either, but I thought that this was well executed, and the source tune does fit perfectly with the hip-hop/rap genre and lyrics. I particularly enjoyed the layered vocals, as they added a really nice amount of depth to what could have been a rather empty mix with only a single vocal track. Good job!

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Coming from a guy who sings classic rock and knows very few rap/R&B songs , this says alot. I find this mix fabulous. The arrangement. The tempo. The "GTFOut my veldt!" attitude. All of it leaves me smirking the entire time. The profanity , while some think it over the top , goes well with the song its self. Im no ones foul mouth , at the same time , im no ones bar of Dove. Good job Zyko. Looking forward to more R%B mixes from ya.


Its needed , or else nothing gets a second looking at. I think ya coulda subbed out the home-made growling for something in game or synth'd. Nothing that woulda made/broke the song. Just an idea to have added to it in some aspect.

Thanks and again , heluva good job Zyko.

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I didn't think I liked this song until I gave it another listen. It's really good. I like the beat, I like the use of the original song (I've long thought the Veldt would be a nice theme for a rap remix anyway), and the rapping is actually pretty good.

Anyway, I like it. Very nice.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01695 - Final Fantasy VI "Keep Out the Veldt"

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