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Classical Asian songs


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Not sure if it's quite what you're looking for, but you might like the band Onmyouza. They're metal with traditional Japanese folk influences, and all their songs are about Japanese mythology and gods and demons and all that stuff.

In some songs you can hear the classical Asian sound more than others. The female vocalist sings in the enka style occasionally, and in some songs they break into Shinto chanting and Noh yells.

This is one of their more recent songs, a bit more pop sounding, but it has a pretty cool Japanese-flavored solo in the middle:


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The new Okami remix (which is just mega awesome) has got me itching for more classical asian music.

Anyone know of another other remixes on this site with an ancient asian sound, or another website which has some?

The Japanese song "Sakura" is pretty typical of a classic Asian music. There's another Korean folk song I know called "Arirang." In general, songs that feature zithers, dulcimers, shamisen, or er-hus remind of me Asian music because of their sound. But of course the notes and how they progress only reinforce it. My best recommendation is to check out anything by Agatsuma, a contemporary shamisen player. He incorporates a lot of different styles. I own his CD titled Dawnlight.


RevenG - Sakura (from DDR Extreme)

Do as Infinity - Shinjitsu no Uta

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I'm not really digging that rock sound.

I'm really just looking for any music that sounds like classical asian music. Like the Okami Remix or Sakura from DDR. I don't mind if the music has a few techno beats in it, or some other sounds, but I don't like the blaring rock sound of the band you recommended.

RevenG - Sakura (from DDR Extreme) - Now this I liked. Thanks!

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I've been trying to find songs like this, but I haven't been able to find anything that really matches it in terms of pure awesome.

Aw yeah, that is what I'm talking about. Love it. Thanks!!

Also, for anyone else keeping track, Street Fighter II: The Wrorld Warrior 'RyuInterpretation' I love.


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