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evga = teh secks

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so, my friend's roomie has a 7900gs graphics card made by evga. true to form, when it went 'poof' a little while back, he took them up on their lifetime warrenty and called customer service. they didn't have a 7900 in stock - so they sent him an 8800gts instead. not one of the huge g92 models, but still a really nice, much better card.

a fair trade, i'd say. he made about 40 bucks in the transaction, as far as i can see - they even covered his shipping.

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they tend to be more expensive, but it's worth the extra cost.

I agree; I always buy eVGA cards.

I also like that their packaging doesn't look like 90% of all video card packaging, with like, metallic cyborg CG chicks with wires coming out of their heads.

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Ha, you see that's funny because my 7900 GS went out around the same exact time.

Except, when they were out of stock, they replaced it with a shitty shitty shitty x1400 that ended up not working at all.

(I still haven't gotten my notebook back)

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