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The new verison of Ubuntu's music player ...


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So...it pretty much looks like every other iTunes clone out there?

Yep. I can change the thing at the top to be Genre/Artist/Album or Aritst/Album or not there, but besides that pretty much.

The difference is I can play any song in here fully, it's like it's already here. If I buy something it's buying from another store; from Jamendo I don't have to pass any money but I can pass on a dollar or $5 or $100 to whoever whenever. Not sure how it gets split up.

In Magnatune it's mandatory $5-$18, and I can get a physical CD for a few bucks more; I know half the base cost in Magnatune goes straight to the artist.

Rather buy some schwag.

That's pretty damn hideous.

So is iTunes.

You can customise the layout, right?

About as much as changing which filter boxes exist at the top, or changing the playlist to an active visualization.

Is the search function good? (ie can it handle 30,000+ files reasonably well?)

Yeah see it's got 60k songs in that list... it searches just fine. Takes me less than a second to find a 3-character search term (longer search terms are faster to look up because of how string search algorithms work).

My main library is similar, instant look-ups.

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If I can't have my media player this small I won't have it at all.

There's a minimal view but I don't like it. Besides, you don't really get to see the playlist.


... can be made narrower (as wide as the menu), but it's that tall. Useless.

Edit: Oh yeah, I can add a toy that docks a play/pause button to my panel and that's it, but bleh. It's got a remote control icon up there anyway.

That thing is way too big

Why aren't you using XMMS?

Oh yeah, let's see you shop/download/listen to new music through stores in XMMS huh >:|

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