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OCR on OurStage - Two top 10 placements, thanks guys!


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OK, I think y'all know the drill by now... :)

5/31 - The finals have started! In the next 24 hours, two OCR artists with three songs have a shot at $5,000. Your votes now mean a whole lot!

We've got two OCReMixers in the finals this month, thanks to y'all.

Jillian Goldin (pixietricks) with one song, "Avalon", and Audix with two songs, "Stylized Chase" and "Rising Impact".

Click the following link to cast your votes in these categories. OCR artists have earned over $10,000 (collectively) from this competition so your votes absolutely make a difference here. We all appreciate it!


There are a LOT of possible rounds, but you don't need to do all of them to make a difference. Even one vote in support of OCReMixers is awesome. But please, NO foul play. Don't artificially vote down other songs and don't create alt accounts.

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You need to add the "men shouting 'hey' every two beats" loop to Rising Impact and then you will be a sure-fire win.

I know, right? haha

Also, anyone who ventures into Techno/Club/Dance for whatever reason, flag the track entitled "fasten seatbelt mix" by drink it black for copyright violations. It's got about seven minutes of Pendulum (tracks "Fasten Your Seatbelts" and "Blood Sugar") with very minimal edits. It sucks that the 21st place person got knocked out because of this, and I wouldn't want it to happen again for the top 10.

For reference (sorry I'd de-activate the embed but I don't know how to) :

Fasten Your Seatbelts:

Blood Sugar:

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It looks like there are some pretty good tracks in New Age/World this month. Certainly worlds better than the Contemporary/Soft Rock list.

Also wtf, I've gone through every since song in New Age/World except for Avalon so far. They really like putting the suspense on :(

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