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I'm Selling My Games and Ipod, Take a Look!


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Yeah it's that time in my life. I noticed that all the money I spent beating games in as short as the same day, and as long as a week, just wound up collecting dust and doing nothing positive. So, before I put my items up on craigslist and ebay, I would like to give the OCRemix community a chance to find some games that you may have had your eye on, any resonable offer takes the items. I accept Paypal and Postal Money Orders. If you have any questions, feel free to PM or post here. Thanks for looking! =)

Shipping will be a flat 5 dollars and delivered via USPS

1) The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (GBC) *Like New*

2) Pokemon Special Pikachu Edition + Pokemon Blue (GB) *No instruction manual*

4) Tetris DX (GBA) *Like New*

I'll update the list once I dig around some more, lol

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I kinda want to check out phantasy star online... i don't have the gamecube broadband thingy though...:?

I will search for my gamecube, as I have a broadband adapter and will be more than happy to sell it to you for an additional cost. I will also provide you with instructions for a way to do fun things besides playing PSO with your adapter and the game =)

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Er, the online servers have been shut down for more than a year.

It is possible to play gamecube image files from your computer by making PSO think that your computer is the PSO server, and from there a program on your computer plays the image file to your gamecube. I am not saying how to do it or anything illegal, Im just saying its possible.

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I don't think that's what Zombieforce had in mind...

That said, I heard the speeds are pathetic. Not to mention I have too many GameCube games to beat as it is...

Some games have a tendancy to go a tad slow, but there are ways to tweak it. In any case I did find my Broadband Adapter for the Gamecube, So I am selling PSO with the Adapter included at no extra cost.

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oshit oshit oshit

how much do you want for Oracle of Ages?

PM me a reasonable offer, and it's yours. Please take into consideration that this game is basically brand new, the case was very well taken care of.

did i see an ipod in the topic list?

The ipod was sold in an Ebay auction due to lack of interest in this thread

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you sly creep

I might say 15 if you still have the manual

Haha XD.... Sure, its yours for 15 + 5 s/h, sounds reasonable considering like I stated before, it's like buying it brand new (because I bought it the weekend it came out), the case and all of its contents never saw the light of day and the game was beaten in 3 days and went back into the case

Wait a minute...

Ikaruga?! I'd totally make an offer, but I got recording equipment to get... :cry:

How much for Ikaruga? I wouldn't mind finally getting it, since I've been looking for it like, forever.

I got rid of Ikaruga as well, I'll update the list

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