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damn you must not stop playing this, oranges. ive got news, video games eat your soul dont play them ever

Man, I love this game!

I think part of the reason I get those results is because I draw pretty well, so I can envision my creatures before I build them. This game is great for me because I have always wanted to render 3-d images on my pc, but have no knowledge on any of those programs people use (Bryce, Maya, etc). Spore bypasses a lot of the hard part of 3-d rendering and makes it easy for me to do creatures. Though, of course, I am restrained myself by the limits of the Spore creator itself. Still, I enjoy this creation part a LOT.

Also, you will notice that many of my creatures don't have a visible mouth. This is because sometimes I find that no mouth fits the look I am going for, so I "hide" the mouth somewhere in the body where it won't cause the creature to move in an erratic or odd way. I also don't limit myself to use the parts as how they are intended to be used. For example, horns can make good bones, or "tubes" for mechanical parts, as you will see in my next post. If I need to raise some stats, I hide the unsightly parts within the body to get the higher stats without breaking the form of the creature. I basically have learned to exploit the parts, really.

Wait till I fix all my other creations! The best is yet to come! I didn't do all these this weekend. I had them pre-made when the Creature Creator was released months back. However, due to the change in mechanics on how pieces work now, I am forced to edit all of my creatures to get them to load up on Sporepedia.

The best is yet to come!

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And now for some robot action!

Meet W4R M3K (his hands are hidden inside the end of the arm, I simply made the hand super tiny and increased the end joint of the arm fully so it would cover the hand, then I added the "guns" on top, which actually shoot with the level 5 spitter, the mouth is "hidden" inwards near the gem eye):





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Spore Creatures blows. It fails at everything, especially creature creation. You'd think they would at least get that done right then tack on a crappy game but instead you just have a crappy game where you mix and match parts into a stupid frankenstein creature with limited customisability. The environments look kind of nice actually.

no DRM though lol

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Guys, I think I will stop posting my creatures, since I don't want to overwhelm you every time I make something. Anyhow, good news! For some reason Spore is letting me upload my original creatures with very VERY little changes done to them, so you might see some upgraded versions of everything I have posted so far.

If you wish to add me, search for "screamingoranges" without the quotes.

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I'm surprised. I thought this thread would get more posts. Could it be the whole securom thing and not many people got it? I bought the game and I don't regret it especially since I don't plan on upgrading this computer for ages. I don't think the game lives up to the hype it had but it still is a good game. I just hope this doesn't turn into one of those "10+ expansion pack" like games.

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Hi guys! I've been enjoying this game, especially creating creatures. I've also seen some mind-blowing talent out there that puts my own to shame! WOW!

Anyway, browsing the sporepedia I noticed the lack of comic book characters... or, well, at least good ones. I realize the limits that the creature creator poses when attempting such feats, and kudos to all those who took up the challenge, regardless of the results. I encountered likewise problems, but I gave it my best. Here is the official kick-off of My Comic Book series:





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