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This topic is the perfect example of why rules were meant to be broken. Screaming Oranges probably shouldn't be double-posting, but who can blame him? This shit is awesome. MOAR PLZ!

hey it's EITHER the four image limit OR double posting

regardless, that's some pretty sweet stuff

I stopped playing spore about 4 hours after I first installed it, myself

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In the process of downloading this as we speak.

I am aware I won't be able to play on line but that really doesn't bother me.

I *might* buy the limited edition, or collector's, whatever it was called.

I dunno yet though, I really want to re-buy Diablo 2 because it was fun.

...and cheap. ;)

However, I did "borrow" Spore for DS and that was well...not the greatest.

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Here's a few of the UFO's I've made in Spore. You can save these .png's and drag and drop them into your game to load them in. Or you can add me to your friend list, either/or. (spore name is: f4t4lv0id)

djpretzelet4.png DJ Pretzel

chainsawkp7.png Chainsaw

porkchopsandwichoh5.png Porkchop Sandwich

righteousrapmasterrockesa5.png Righteous Rapmaster Rocketship (from TJ&E)

continued in next post...

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continued again...

supernintendolk9.png Super Nintendo Entertainment System

That's just a few I picked out from my creations. (sidenote, I screwed up on the Righteous Rapmaster Rocketship and made it a Colony Air vehicle rather than a UFO, and I don't know of any way to fix that.)

add 'f4t4lv0id' to your Spore friendlist if you want to check out my other stuff.

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Thanks, added your stuff to my game.

I was wondering, how did you make those muscled arms on some of your guys?

The muscular arms are actually an arm in the creator, called, if memory serves me right, "burly." I know that it is on the third row, one before last (going from left to right).

However, the thing I always found weird of this arm is that the deltoid part is lacking, so I had to stick two of these together to get deltoids along with biceps/triceps, and shape and reshape and reshape, till I got them to look right. Positioning of these two limbs is also crucial, since at the beginning, though it looked buff, the arm just didn't look right at all. Something amiss about it. So you have to play with the sizes (both the socket/ball and the in-between socket/ball). By this I mean that the arm increases in size when you play with the joints at the ends of each limb attachment, as well as when you point your mouse cursor in-between joints and increase the muscle definition there.

In short, each arm is actually made up of TWO burly arms. The deltoid part is made of half a burly limb, then a complete burly limb is added at the end of this one to make the bicep/tricep part as well as the forearm (though now that I think about it, I don't remember if it was two half burlys and a half something else, or a half burly and one complete burly, I forget).

But the point is that to make big muscular deltoids/shoulders WITH big biceps/triceps, you absolutely need to link two half burlys together.

The burlys were also used to make Hulk's chest, as well as his back, just put sideways and rotated to crazy degrees. It was a lot of trial and error.

Last but not least, the coloring scheme affects how much definition you see.

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Update time! Some more Marvel goodness:





Note: The pics taken are from the test mode in tribal, but the creatures are also available in Creature Stage mode (very minimal differences between the two. Stat-raising items hidden inside the tribal versions...). Also, in order to make the goblins, I had to use invisible limbs but, alas, the feet remain visible! A very minor annoyance to make the creatures float. YES, THEY ARE "FLOATING"! If I take off the feet, they'd move with that "pelvic thrust" motion which is just silly. So, the stupid feet had to stay! By the way, all of the Goblins are flight-capable since the glider has the real bat-wings attached.

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