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Project Request: Golden Sun[s]

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Well, looking around the Project boards/guidelines and searching the topics here, it seems halfway safe to make a thread like this, but if Project requests are out-of-line, then I'll take the heat.

Listening to Relic of the Chozo for a while (one-disc album + one-disc CD player = awwriiight) and booting up Chrono Symphonic in the midst of CT bring-ups (culminating in learning that I'm a bit behind on the DS version "announcement"), I feel bad that Golden Sun, let alone its sequel, only has one posted song.

I want -- perhaps need? -- some better-than-GBA-quality Golden Sunniness. There are too many catchy tunes (particularly battle themes) and undoubtedly enough great-making-able material to warrant more from this seemingly dead series ("seemingly" because of some ambiguity of future projects from Camelot).

So, would anyone(s) be interested in fulfilling this wish o' mine, to see a mass Golden Sun remixing/ReMixing? Even a mild surge singular entires would be nice (how many have been presented and didn't pass?), but to see an entire OCR album? I'd prolly piss myself. I could see it now... "Sunrise of Gold", featuring Disc 1 "The Lost Seal" (the inactivity of the franchise both in the official and fan-based sectors) and Disc 2 "The Broken World" ([an exaggertaion of]my feelings toward the anti-presence expressed in the previous parenthesized babble). *sigh* One can dream, can't he?

So, is there any interest in teh muzacks of these two Advance-exclusive titles? If you're not familiar with the music and don't feel like scrounging up a copy (through whatever means), a game rip is available from The Jason Effect, with tracks arranged according to their order in The Lost Age's 'music player' (excluding the incidental noises featured at the end; all track titles are unofficial).

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I'm not a remixer (yet), but I've been around long enough to know how this works, and I'll do my best to let you down more gently than perhaps others will.

People are not going to hop on board a project unless it's with someone they know and trust. The reasons for this are manifold: they need to know they'll work well together, that the person in charge can keep track of various deadlines, that the person has good judgment of what is acceptable(since s/he is in charge of whether tracks are adequate), that the person knows when to boot a remixer if they're dragging their feet, etc. I guess you can consider working up to your first project a sort of rite of passage, and the best way to indicate your ability there is proboably to comment in the Works in Progress (WIP) forums (so people know your skill at critiquing musical arrangement and production) and to make friends with the bigger names around this site (who can consistently churn out solid mixes that will make the project awesome).

As always, this is neither a personal shot against you nor the idea of your project, but you have to be very, very aware of what you're getting yourself into. If it makes you feel any better, I've been here for a year and a half and I probably couldn't direct a project (not even for time reasons, simply because I'm not established enough on the music side of things).

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