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Paper Mario: Thousand-Year Door 'XNaut Fortress'


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too bad it literally sounds like crap at 44khz/16bit WHICH THIS IS NOT or something? mmm pure Reason soundage.

edit:fixed link

and during this first wip yeah i went back and edited it to be longer than it initially was. whatever, i can go either way. i know i have a long road ahead for this one; only got the easiest stuff out of the way.

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working link

I've been trying to remix this song for awhile now, so I'm curious to hear your take on it...

ok doesn't sound like there's a lot here yet. This sounds like one big intro as it is right now. The first minute are pretty sparse and it might be a good idea to bring in the drums earlier or something.

I don't know, this sounds like too early a WIP to really comment on. Keep working on it though, we need a remix of this song on this site.

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What Radiowar said.

Also, way too long an intro unless it'll get really catchy later on. And tempo changes, what's with them? They're not subtle or gradual enough to happen smoothly, so they chop the pacing. Slowly increasing or decreasing can work well, imo, but that's not what you've got.

Once you pass the 1-minute line, the whole track improved significantly, but it's still facing the repetition problem. We've heard the backing melody, and the new backing synth isn't interesting enough to hold out attention for 15 seconds of the same loop.

Too early to say much, but this should give you some idea of the good, the bad, and the ugly, about your wip. You've obviously got some interesting ideas, so I want to hear an update of this.

It's more convenient for everyone if it's an mp3, tho.

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