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  1. i didn't make this but it's here for anyone who want to listen to it and download.
  2. i'm also amazed astounded even that there aren't more spyro mixes here. spyro 1-3 have some of the best music of the psx era.
  3. i don't usually post much but i had to say it this time. this is possibly the worst track i have ever heard. cancer alright that's what it sounds like! i cannot believe this got approved...
  4. wait, are you the same bladex that's on DGEmu?

  5. where on earth did you get the spyro psf files? i'm dying for them let me know PLEASE

  6. sweet! out of all the spyro games the 2 i like the most are fireworks factory and frozen alters
  7. ok i diffinately have the fireworks factory and frozen alters cos their 2 of my personal favs. i think this is the track for sunrise spring. if i had the actual games iso i could run it through my emulator to find out for sure about the others. file downloaded removing..
  8. i have the entire tracks of spyro 3 they all came in 1 file though and i had to seperate and name them as best as i could remember. but their all there i think. which tracks do you want if you dont know the name say the level you remember it from
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