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OCR00983 - Xenogears "The Lost City of Shevat"

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8.5/10- I heard the original remix back when it was posted at VGMIX ( :cry: ), and I have to say, this version is INFINITELY better than the first. The beat still kinda throws me off, but the intro is fantastic the song's more complete. Good job.

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Xenogears is one of my top 3 favorite games, which includes other systems. The soundtrack to the game is one of the best I've ever heard, so I was glad to get this track from OCR.

This remix takes me back, as I played this game quite a while ago. 'TheLostCitOfShevat' is a standout, on a par with Xenogears' own music and I wouldn't doubt that you'd make it big if you ever got into writing original music for games. This track in particular conveys the mystery and intrigue that surrounded the story of Xenogears. I felt I was transported, put right down in the middle of that world.

A spot-on, exemplary job, Gray Lightning. You have made me a fan of your work and I will be watching for your future mixes.



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The intro was great, the soundfield was just seemingly massive; I love it. It seemed like once the melody started, it thinned out just a little too much until maybe the halfway point. I understand the need to break things down to build them back up, but it seemed sparse for a bit.

From the halfway point and on it was really nice. I think I would have brought down the high end of the pad, but really a minor detail; it comes out clearly and i'm not sure if the melody would have been as pronounced if the high end was dulled.

Overall a really nice mix, good for a rainy afternoon looking out the window.

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Xenogears was the first game soundtrack that I thought was too good to belong to a game, back when I considered games something to entertain kids while parents did whatever. Even though those days are gone and my views have changed, I can still understand what I was thinking at the time.

GrayLightning really did a great track justice here. I've always thought that Lightning had a great ear for instrument selection, and this is exactly why. Just listen to this track and everything sounds right. The melody is weird and complex, but that's what made it the best one in the game. There's some really nice sounds in this one. I don't know whether it is Lightning's biggest or most creative mix, but for what it is, it's practically unbeatable: Great music to accompany a meandering mind.

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Good work that typified a lot of Gray's early sound. I liked how the melody and beats didn't line up in the typical way, which created some interesting rhythms. Sequencing's too tight for some parts, but there's lots of character here, and the instrumentation choices are nice and strong. I definitely miss the unique sense of style GL brought to the table at OCR with his new age influence.

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