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  1. I would love to see Uematsu and Distant Worlds in Vancouver.
  2. I love this! I was a little skeptical about the accordian before I heard it.... now I think of it like this: Listening to some slow-groove techno while walking down the streets of Paris. Good stuff. The organs are nice too Hehe, and that shaker and pizzacato string at the beginning. lol, and glockenspiels. Cool.
  3. Godlike indeed. AmIEvil must get in some really dark moods to produce music with such.... evilness. Hehe, I suppose that's where he gets his name. Anyways, I love this remix, so dark and very, very cool... the beginning especially. Hehe, and the end. That was wicked. Edit: hmm...upon further listening...the unusual effects and creepy little glockenspiely-melody sound near the beginning remind me a lot of Radiohead. And then it just breaks into that wicked bass and beat and that chorus-like pad. Awesome. I just can't say enough how cool and talented AmIEvil is.
  4. lol, this is awesome! such a funky and cool old-school sound... I like that electric piano (not to mention that little subtle synth near the beginning), and the ska-ish sound in the middle is really cool! AmIEvil just gets better and better.
  5. Whhhhhaaaaarrrrrgggh! lol, I love that. I'm gonna download this just so I can listen to that over and over. I love that bluesy sound, just gets you down and groovin. Hehe, 744.4 kb. Not often you see an entire song that small I think it could be at least 2 or 3 times longer, but it's really, really cool. AmIEvil is definitely the best remixer here. He's got amazing talent and versatility, and he's willing to try new and experimental things. I really like that.
  6. Trance is cool, and the melody of this song reminds me a lot of Trance music. The percussion is a little unusual, but I like it. Dunno about that change in key near the end, never liked that much in any song, but this song is good. Hehe, that ending's a little funny though.
  7. I've never played much Metroid, but I must say that this ReMix is awesome. God, I'm glad my Sony MDR-V500 'phones have the freq response to pick up that yummy sub. I love the groovy percussion, and that mellow tabla is just cool. The creepy strings and ambient sounds give it a more-than-adequate amount of darkness... simply amazing.
  8. I love this song. It was the first one I ever downloaded from this site, and is easily my favorite. AmIEvil is a great ReMixer. This song has such a lonely, barren sound to it, it's chilling in a good way... when the beat comes in it's decidedly evil.....and I like it! Such an amazing track. I never get tired of it. One thing I think could've been better is the ending...it's already amazing, and beautiful...but just as that last guitar note plays, I always imagine that deliciously dark beat coming in for another couple bars... Anyways, this is not only one of my favorite FF ReMixes or OCReMixes, but easily one of my favorite songs of all time, of any genre or artist. It's that good. If you don't have it yet, get it ASAP.
  9. D&B rules! When done right anyway. I like the percussion, and the bass, but that main synth gets a little bit annoying later on... With some more variety in the lead melody, this could be a perfect mix.
  10. I love guitars! Especially when they're played well! And that's what's been done here... this is awesome! Could use some normalizing in a final mix to get those volume levels up, but otherwise it's really great.
  11. O. M. G. I love AmIEvil's work! THE first song I downloaded here was his 'Death on The Snowfield' from FFVI. This one is equally amazing! I love the ambient atmosphere of his music. My one complaint on the one is the very abrupt ending. Otherwise, it's supeb!
  12. Cool, I really like this unusual combination.... the electric piano and percussion combination really reminds me of David Usher... I haven't heard Canon, so I don't know what that bit's all about, but this is a great ReMix. Edit: Okay, maybe I really should finish listening to a song before I review it Anyways, I love that guitar solo starting at about 1:54. especially the part at 2:10...it's very very good... the ending is also really good... quite haunting actually.
  13. Cool! I really like this ReMix. The piano is indeed deceptive... Very hard, and quite dark, especially considering the original... and very, very good.
  14. Really cool synths and bass... I like that guitar too. The percussion is a little plain, in my opinion, but otherwise, it's quite good.
  15. djpretzel, your music makes me drool. And that's in a good way. How much of this is played live? Anyways, I love this song. As for those headphones, I'm currently listening to this song on a nice pair of Sony MDR-V500s. I recommend them, or the V700s
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