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'Windmill Gone Berserk' (Update)

Rom Tom

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Yep, its an update of Windmill Gone Berserk.:razz: I've added an improvised piano melody and, you can say I've made this song truly a "Windmill Gone Berserk" with some pitch bending 'fun'. Personally, I think it works, but it is quite a fresh idea. I don't know how well it will be accepted, though. Listen to it NOW:-x.



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Yes, I remember this. Now quite improved, if memory serves.

The pitch bend is fun. Makes me a little mentally queasy, but it suits the track, imo. The track strays a bit from the source at times, and the times it doesn't, it follows the source a bit too closely. Not the melody, but the rhythm and progression. It gets repetitive with just variations of the same melody. See if you can rework it to another rhythm , another chord progression, another bassline, something else.

The time signature adaptation is okay, tho I prefer 3/4 and have a hard time imagining this as anything else. You do pull off a nice 4/4, but I could see some 1__4__7_ rhythms instead of the 1_3_5_7_ you've used. Not at all instances, but some of them, just to vary the rhythm of the melody more.

It's a bit low on bass, you could drop the saw "bass" an octave, possibly close the cutoff a bit to get it softer in the high range. I recommend using a 6 or 12 dB LP filter (or EQing it to that extent). You'll have to see where to cut frequencies yourself.

You also need some more stereo presence. The storm and snare roll have great stereo presence, but some instruments sound dead center, even tho I can make out that they're stereo synths/samples. See if you can spread those a bit more (the individual track stereo width, not pan stuff left and right as much).

The drums are a little boring. The clap is really exposed, so you could EQ it a bit. You could also use some additional hihats, not just the annoying ticks.

There's some pointers for you. I think this shows something of what you've learned. While the track might never make it to OCR, it's worth finishing, simply because you're learning from it. I can tell (assuming I remember your old version well enough). Great job man, keep at it.

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Ok, first things first, the extreme pitch bend is totally atrocious. If that entire section were cut out, I'd be eternally grateful. The rest of the song is absolutely awesome.

One thing I do notice is that your underlying chord progression is almost EXACTLY the same as Green Day's "Holiday". I'm not saying that Green Day invented the progression or anything like that, but it doesn't vary much from it, so I find it possible that you may have drawn from that subconsciously.

Overall, this is a great mix, but I honestly cannot stand the pitch bending.

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I actually liked the one you did a while back that I saved it on my computer and listened to it for comparison.

I think this is a bit of an improvement, but you didn't do much in terms of realization of the pitch changing gimmick. I kept waiting for it too happen again, and it didn't except at the end. Not a bad thing, I just got the impression you'd put it so early in the song to set it up as the theme.

I like how you changed the piano playing in the middle of the song. It was neat, but in small areas, for only one or two notes, it didn't work as well as the original note would have.

Really good work, though. Good luck.

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I think the pitch bending is your golden ticket for this song. It's suited perfectly to how the windmill really did get out of control during the game. I do think you could take it a little more slowly at 0:44 so the change is not so abrupt. It would be great for it take the listener a couple seconds to figure out exactly what's going on. The second time you do it sounds a little gimmicky since it happens so fast, and you can't afford to be gimmicky. You've really got to sell this effect.

I don't care for the ending. Slowly pitch bending while fading out and bringing the rain effect back in would be better, imo, than that weird psssst noise.

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