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PRC127: The heat is on... literally (Fire Emblem 7)


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So, here we go. Quite a better turnout from last time... now why couldn't you do this for PRC126? >.>

Because I wasn't here. Dur. =P I'm like a ray of sunshine for the PRC, bringing with me memories of yore to revitalize the competition. ;)*

So, it's up to you to pick PRC128's source tune. Remember the core rule - the song must be one that hasn't been covered on OCR before. So, it can mean a tune from a popular game (Kirby's Dream Land - Float Islands) or a tune from something that has otherwise been undercovered (most of the Kirby 64 soundtrack), though songs previously heard through site projects (Kirby's Adventure - Butter Building) still count.

Noticing some subliminal messaging there, eh? ;)

*is completely talking out of his *** here

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I'm not implying at all - it's an easy way of trying to explain what to opt for in a PRC sourcetune to first-time winners. I generally rotate it around the selection of franchises that ended up with a site project to their names.

Anyway, Binweasel has sent his submission to me. It's not Kirby, but it's still damn good. :) I'll meet you tomorrow for PRC128!

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