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Final Fantasy 'Prelude Techno'


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Not a lot of variation in this piece in general, though I hope you have plans to take it somewhere.

The synth going solo at :27 simply adds nothing to the overall contrast and strength of this track. I would recommend placing some sort of differing break in there instead, then you can go into the buildup again.

Not enough change in the overall soundscape at all at the moment. Everything besides those string modulators in the background is mixed to the forefront, making it sound fairly crowded.

Good luck.

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The sound quality in this is terrible, tho some of that could be due to the low (106kpbs) bitrate.

Rewrite the drum (should be drums) from scratch. Considering you only have a weak bass drum in there, the loss there isn't big. Transitions are nonexistant, and the melodic content is repetitive. It has no harmonic support, no rhythmic support, and not a very interesting progression either. These are things you'll need to work on. Also, the rhythm is also a big staggering, probably an attack inconsistency between the drum and the synths. Listen for it, and fix it.

It's repetitive, poorly mixed, and needs a complete rewrite of the drums. Still, the key change to all minor chords is interesting, and certainly worth exploring further.

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