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tefnek - the horror. new finished song.


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I finally got around to finishing and uploading a new song. I guess you could call it drum and bass, similar to my Final Fantasy 7 remix. Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think!


Also, there's a contest at fuzz.com to remix a song from The Crystal Method's upcoming album. If anyone is interested, my entry is somewhere around page 4:


Edit: Here's a link to that contest page http://www.fuzz.com/contest/remixingprotools/. The deadline is September 30th.

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You're making me drool, he he.

Seriously though, this has "ass-ripping bass" written all over it. Noisia would probably kiss you if they could. Nice phat beats and a very powerful sub I might add. The mixdown is clean and the sonic force doesn't overwhelm. So good job there. I can't stop ranting about those bass switches, so fluid, so delicious.

That drop hit me like Mike Tyson with a bunch of horseshoes in his gloves, wicked job on the part that every aspiring wannabe big-time DnB nerd can't seem to get right worth their life.

10/10, I'll raise a beer to this one.

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