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  1. Clock Tower on the Playstation 1. The pacing is slow and the dialog is pretty bad, but it does such a great job of creating suspense. It's probably the only game that has actually frightened me.
  2. Make some sick bass patternz in Massive (preferably with the wobble), cut them up, paste them together. Then marvel at your electro dubstep genius.
  3. Does anyone know if the PS3 SF4 TE stick will work with a Wii? I really want this game but I don't want to have to buy a new stick or mod my own
  4. Quick, someone pick Dr Wily so I can do the Mega Man 3 Theme.
  5. Count me in, if that's okay. I've got a few ideas for a good guys song.
  6. Thanks for the responses. After listening to something for so long it's hard to tell these things. I'm gonna mess with it some more and I'll keep this in mind. If I can't come up with anything the rest of the song should be close enough to the source to be recognizable
  7. Does this sound like the beginning of the Mega Man 3 Title song? http://tefnek.com/temp/intro%20try%202.mp3
  8. I've had this stuck in my head for the past 2 days. So awesome.
  9. Well, I had an awesome time! Everyone was really cool and nice. Thanks for having us over Taucer, hopefully I'll get to see everyone again at MAGFest!
  10. Don't worry, I'm not a big drinker. Maybe I'll bring a cake too...
  11. I agree with Zircon - that's how I work too. I actually have a pre-master track where everything goes before it hits the master (which contains compressors, eq, etc) so that I can make sure that nothing is clipping.
  12. I'll be there, or I'll be square. Is it alright if I bring a friend? I can't really cook, but I'm awesome at buying beer/alcohol - should I bring some? I'm looking forward to meeting some other OCRers
  13. I am on the front lines of the Loudness War, crushing my enemies with unwavering force - Their endless cries for mercy drowned out by my loud, over-compressed drums.
  14. I could most likely make it. I'm in school in Greensboro but my family lives in Chapel Hill, so I'm right pretty much next door.
  15. You can use any of my music if you like http://www.ocremix.org/artist/4613/tefnek http://www.tefnek.com
  16. I've got the G2 KRK RP-8s and I like them a lot. Although I can't really compare them to the older ones. If anyone's interested, I've got an unopened pair of M-audio BX8A Deluxe monitors on ebay with one day left.
  17. I finally got around to finishing and uploading a new song. I guess you could call it drum and bass, similar to my Final Fantasy 7 remix. Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think! http://tefnek.com/music/tefnek_-_the_horror.mp3 Also, there's a contest at fuzz.com to remix a song from The Crystal Method's upcoming album. If anyone is interested, my entry is somewhere around page 4: http://www.fuzz.com/contest/remixingprotools/gallery?&page=4 Edit: Here's a link to that contest page http://www.fuzz.com/contest/remixingprotools/. The deadline is September 30th.
  18. A good way to see how your frequencies should be is to use a spectrum analyzer on a track that you want your song to sound similar to. Izotope Ozone is awesome for this because you can show the average spectrum over a certain period of time.
  19. Or you can export everything from the project at once. Go to Export > Project Bones. It saves all the sampler channels, mixer channels, VSTi channels, piano roll scores, etc. Unfortunately it doesn't save any data in the step sequencer. Once it's done exporting you can browse through all the parts under the browser > Project Bones > whatever you saved as.
  20. thanks guys for the comments. zircon, i dont know if you mean premade loops when you say loops, but i programmed the drums in both songs using one-shot samples (and totally different samples as well). i did however use a similar technique to process my drums. so i hope the similarity you see is just my style
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