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Final Fantasy 5 'The Battle with Exdeath'

Cyril the Wolf

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Click here to listen!

So, I have a track here. And I wanna know (because I've put a lot of effort into it) What may have to be done to make this into a great ReMix. I know that a lot of people ask those types of questions and such, but... I need to know.

The good thing is, this remix is only my initial idea, if anyone thinks this actually has some potential, I may be willing to REDO everything. See, I have lost the original project file and this is an experiment. I'm hard to change normally, but since I have to redo everything anyway, I figured. HEY! Why not get some feedback that I actually wouldn't blow off!

So here it is, Final Fantasy V's final battle themes.

EDIT: Sources:

1) The "Decisive battle" against Exdeath's first form. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PkNirSetQc&feature=related (and also some others... damn me not getting very far in this game)

2) The Final Battle which is against NEO Exdeath, his final form. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kgy5w6redk&feature=related

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No source link, no source comment.

It also sounds like a lot like what I remember of the source, but can't say for sure since that's not much. Structurally, it's typically boss music, which makes me doubt the interpretation further.

Doesn't quite have the energy it should have. Drums could use a lot more energy, but I have yet to get what makes rock drums energetic or realistic sounding, so I can't help you there. The bass, however, needs some serious bass frequencies, as it sounds very poorly fit in this combination of instruments.

Orchestral bits sound sampled and sequenced. The right amount of reverb and the right EQ could make it a bit more realistic sounding.

I'm surprised at how low-quality this sounds, despite it being almost 200kbps. That tells me you need to EQ the master too, raise the highs. Compare this to some sixto and fishy tracks, see what you can hear that you should change.

I'm not much of a guitar wip reviewer, so you should go on #ocrwip and annouce your wip there. Tensei-San could give you a lot of pointers how to work with rock/metal in general, and he's not the only one.

Wasn't bad, wasn't good. Could be good. Good luck!

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There's a few different sources you can link to. vgmusic's midis are a fair comparison, especially if they're transcribed well. A link to an archive of the game OST works too, but not everyone has chipamp or other means of listening to it (I'm on mac, no chipamp for me). Youtube is common and works well. Then there's khinsider and galbadia hotel, neither of which offers legal downloads but it works for comparison.

Thanks for bringing this up, I'll add it to the WIP discussion thread FAQ (it'll be the first question).

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Also, as far as linking sources, how do you do that? Youtube? Which is the most legal and acceptable way?

I get the source off youtube, just paste the URL of the video with the source onto your comment.

I'll listen to your track later, I'm busy at the moment, but I will come back and give feedback soon ;)

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As much as I love a good boss remix, I think this falls short of its true potential. To me it sounds distant, I think it could use more arrangement. To me it sounds too much like you took two songs and glued them together a little too much.

It's a tall order, but blending the two songs more throughout would make it seem more like a remix and less like a connective medley. Doing more with the guitar like how you did at the very end would possibly help make it more original as well.

Yet, even while being very direct, it fails to capture one of the most integral points of the original (I'm listening to the SNES version, BTW) and that's the importance of the drums. The major drum portions like the early intro and at 2:06 are really high energy in the original, but they feel lacking here.

A lot of work clearly went into this piece. It holds a great deal of potential. With some work, it could really be an awesome remix. But it just isn't there yet.

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Although I found it enjoyable to listen to, I also found it very close to the source, in both cases. I know Final Fantasy boss themes like the back of my hand so this was very evident for me off the bat.

The merging was a good idea for a remix theme overall, but at the moment the songs are very close to as they were originally, with some different instrumentation. If you can find a way to add more new content, like how you ended it, this could get very interesting. The drums aren't quite as strong as I would expect in both songs, so that might be another thing to look at.

You may want to have a listen to "Neo Exdeath" from "The Black Mages III" to see what they did with their guitars and synth just to get some ideas.

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Mostly due to the fact this was just replyed to so late. I have some news regarding ExDeath. It's going on hiatus for a bit. I have some more ReMix ideas that are just more fully formed and feasible as well as work for a project to do, so I will probably not update this for a good long time.

When I do, I'll probably have all sorts of kickass gear that will make it rock.

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