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Chrono Trigger 'Time Circuits'


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Hey everyone!

It's been awhile since I've touched music because of summer school and being away from home. Here's a little something put together the second I got home. Hopefully it doesn't sound like too much rust has built up on my brain. I know, what a source tune to tackle after a break haha. I understand how difficult it is now to get a mix for this source accepted due to the sheer number of remixes already on the site, but I think it's reasonably a different take on the theme (which comes in around 1:49.) I've also tried to incorporate one of the motifs from the theme that plays in the intro of the game. The segment so far is really short so there may not be much to comment on at the moment. But please tell me if you dig the atmosphere and direction =) Cheers!


Chrono Trigger - Time Circuits ReMix

(listening through it myself, the piano at 0:28 comes in a bit harshly to my ears. I'll get on to fixing the entrance.)

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killer stuff robotaki!

i love the palette of instruments you have here. i feel that intro is bit long. its cool the way it is but i think you can have much more effective beginning by shortening it. i would have the drums hit when the static dissappears. then bring back thos piano arpeggios in a recapitulation later in the tune.

the glitch drums are great. i hope you have section that really brings them out as the focal point.

can't wait to hear more.

oh and make sure to throw up a link with the source tune - try to find some more spots to bring out the source cause your borderline i think right now.

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Certainly an interesting take on the source, it definitely qualifies as a mix. It seems like there isn't a lot of source there, but I can see that you seem to be using some of the chord progressions from the source throughout the piece, even if you're not using the actual notes. Its subtle, but definitely there.

I know that the entire glitched feel was intended, but it seems like it still needs some work in the overall mastering department. I guess I'm saying it seems unfinished. On a musicality level, I loved every minute of it, but the quality overall could be improved a bit.

Actually, I think I wanted a bit more. It seemed short to me, which is a good thing. ^_^ So you have room to be more creative as it is, or you can leave it as just a quick artistic expression. Thats up to you.

Good job!


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Piano sounds like it's got a bit too much of its highs cut.

It's got a lot of intro, so it gets a bit repetitive before it gets to the theme. Inserting a version of the main theme earlier, an incomplete, withheld, teaser version of it, could solve that problem.

The lack of clear high-range frequencies are probably what makes it sound muddy, poorly mixed, and low quality. You'll want to look into that at some point.

The noise intro is pretty cool, and the lower quality mix might work there, but at 0:55, it could break into full quality.

I like the track's progression, altho it's hard to guess how it'll develop from the end of the wip and for how long, so I can't say if it's paced well. But I like it. The chord progression, while on the topic of progression, is nice, and adds to a more mellow sound than the source, iirc, had.

Good stuff, man. It's already enjoyable, certainly gonna be more so when its finished.

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Sup dude, nice as per usual:

You're right about the piano, it is a bit harsh coming in.

I think you could emphasize lots with your piano. When the drums start to pause with the bass, maybe you could cut off the release of the piano with it on that one note (around 1:20+) Articulate that neat pause thing more.

Drums are a bit repetitive, could have a few nuances here and there.

I'd maybe recommend later with the piano to cut out the accompanying left hand notes that go up and down the scale (or do them with another instrument) and instead do something like triplet chords on the left hand while keeping the right hand going.

I also want to recommend some pads or strings (with maybe some sfx) coming in with real slow attack to real fast crescendo (is that how I would describe it?) starting in on beat 1 then releasing on beat 1 of next measure. Something like that.

Anyway this is neat keep at it please.

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Thanks for the comments everyone! Here's just a little one-hour-work update. The harmonies don't really change at all so the track seems to drag on. I'm hoping that I can eventually change this into a track that maintains the same harmonies but manages to stay interesting. Enjoy!

(The piano STILL comes in too suddenly. Sorry >.< Forgot to fix it. Plus percussion hasn't varied yet...yay)

LINK (updated in first post as well):

Chrono Trigger - Time Circuits ReMix

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Some piano notes are in this really annoying frequency, you'd want to EQ that one down. It's a very specific frequency with them all, so a narrow band EQ would work well. Piano comes in at a good time, but your could introduce them with a slow cutoff sweep.

Ticky hihats... (ARGH!) But it works for the genre.

2:48 - great sound. Not quite as great after the chord change, but still good. It clicks, so you'd want to give it an ms or two of attack. While on the topic of clicks, you might want to check your instruments for other clicking. While the hats are ticky enough to mask any clicks there, several of the other instruments click clickety bother me.


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