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FAC - VOTE NOW Fan Art Competition 17: Mecha


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Yeah. It was impossible to PM Atma because he was banned so we all pissed ourselves and posted our drawings in a panicked frenzy. At least that's how it happened for me.






Rawk Hawk





Also Atma's going to have to check his PMs and make sure this is the full list.

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Yeah, I kind of expected him to be banned, for that joker eating popcorn thing he posted. >.>


And IbanezNinja, it's not canceled, all we have to do is figure out who to send the votes to that isn't atmuh, he's been banned three times now over the span of a two(?) competitions and it's never stopped them before.

Although I don't imagine he's banned for that long anyway, he's probably going to be unbanned soon enough to post results sooner than later huh? (well I hope so)

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Atmuh: can you do voting

Atmuh: for fac

[lions]Rambo: when are you unbanned?

Atmuh: 1 week

[lions]Rambo: wow

Atmuh: post in the thread

Atmuh: that i am assigning voting to you

Atmuh: i will give you spreadsheet

Atmuh: to tabulate

Atmuh: if they have voted already

Atmuh: tell them to revote

Atmuh: i cant check pms

So um... do that I guess.

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