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FAC - VOTE NOW Fan Art Competition 17: Mecha


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Mine was PM'd to Atmuh earlier in the month, but since everyone else is posting theirs with him banned, I guess I should throw mine up here too:


Crying Wolf from Metal Gear Solid 4. Sadly, I'm really happy with this on paper-spent aaages getting Wolf looking just right, but I just couldn't get it scanned in very well, makes the shading look messy and sloppy. Such are the woes of an A3 sketch pad and only an A4 scanner. Oh well...

Good luck everyone!

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Wait, he's been banned AGAIN? urgh...

Here's mine, speedpainting of Ultra-Intergalactic-Cybot G Marina Liteyears from Mischief Makers! No preliminary sketch usd to do it, hence why she looks funny/weird.


When do we decide to start the voting? Since everyone has to post their entries...

Edit: and who's compiling them?

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