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Cyril the Wolf

Amorous Fatalism = Death Metal with a Hook

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Song Title: Amorous Fatalism

Running Time: 3:54

Genre: Death Metal (Any suggestions for this? I hate categorizing myself.)

Inspiration: The final scenes toward the end of Grandia.


Any comments on mixing, vocals and such are welcome. If there are any comments on the lack of high end with the vocals, its becuase I a relatively poor recording set up, and I'm not fond of boosting high frequencies too much becuase it can result in crap. I'll work on that. Also, my clean singing may or may not be tonally to your taste, but if you could comment on the precision of the singing, for those vocalists here, I would be most appreciative. Also, any comments on drum samples are also unnecessary, as the samples there are the best that I had at the time making it and have since gotten better samples and mixing techniques. I am just curious if there are any other ideas, and possibly any mastering problems.


(First Verse)

You've journeyed for so long,

With endless adventures.

But now the girl that you love,

Is going to die today!

You trip and fall in the mud,

You are lost in the flood!

You feel hopelessness in your mind,

But if you look around you'll find...


You're not alone in this task at hand.

Those friends you met from every land

Will guide you to where you belong,

And then you'll hear her song...



You've got the stuff to win the fight!

Your right to the light is now in sight!

She's in the spot with evil all around,

The sounds of those hounds just bring her down.

You jump right in and save the day.

You slay while you pray it'll be okay.

Together you're gonna change the world.

Your girl is unfurled, now attack!

There is only one power that can beat the greed,

It's the power to protect the ones in need.

And you can protect her,

And she can protect you. (x2


But its not the end until you defeat the beast, (looped)


(Last Chorus)

You're not alone in this task at hand (As you stand)

She and you are saviors of man! (save the land)

Evil is back where it belongs (long gone)

And now she sings her song,

And so she sings her song,



You've got

The power of love is unity!

The power of love is life!

Thank you in advance. :D

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Killer bass and guitar tones. What are you using? Amp simulators ?

Drums. I love your hi hat. Toms lack power, specially for this kind of music. The kick could get a lot more attack, for a more aggressive approach. (Err, I just read you don't need comments on drums...)

Vocals, well, I really can't say anything about the guturals (or whatever they are called in english), I just don't know much about the style.

I'm sorry, but the chorus voice is a bit gay compared to the rest... It's nice , but death/black purists might laugh. (I like it though).

Excelent song. Perhaps a guitar solo would be nice.

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Yeah, at the time I was using Amplitube X-Gear, I have better guitar tone now actually, gonna redo this sometime.

Haha, yea, precisely what I was thinking.

The gay chorus works with the lyrics. Some folks hate it some folks like it. I'm glad you like it, and I wouldn't care if you didn't. ;-)

Also... maybe... I don't think this song in particular needs a guitar solo, its kinda nice the way it is. Not to say that I don't like guitar solos, most of my other songs do have solos.

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This is quite a cool song, my only grief with it was the 'break down' was the weakest thing Ive ever heard... The ending is even slightly better than the claimed 'break down' and actually is a breakdown. Lyrics are cool, singing isnt so bad but the screaming is better. I thought the change at 0:22 was a little sudden and a little hard to follow at first.

Yet again on the 'breakdown' the lyrics sound a bit random and unclear, could prby be a chant would work better.

IMO This song doesnt need a solo. They are overratted.


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Thanks for the advice on the breakdown. As for :22, I was trying to cause confusion... but you may be right, maybe I'll add an extra bar or two of 6/8 before the vocals come in.

The breakdown will now be slowed down for ultimate brutality. Sound nice to you? I dunno how much I'll slow it down. Probably whatever is the best that will make it even heavier without losing the energy. That way the lyrics that I have will be better. The layered screams are meant to be chaotic sounding.

I was never adding a guitar solo. :D And they are a tad bit overrated, but cool.

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Great tune, production sounds professional. I like the way it goes from indie punk to death metal almost to rock and then back again. . . makes for an interesting listen. Lots of good metal licks in this tune.

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I'd probably place this under Alternative Metal or Nu Metal. The vocals tend to point in that direction, as well as the lack of a solo and variety of musical styles within the song.

Although not really a big fan of either genres (I do still listen to a few Alt/Nu Metal bands on occasion), I am enjoying this song. As has already been pointed out, there are some good licks, the lyrics are pretty cool and are definitely more to my liking than the majority of songs of this style, and the variety of vocal styles (now that I think about it) kind of reminds me of "The Crossroads".

All that being said, this is infinitely better than anything I can do, so... yeah. Keep up the awesome work.

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How the hell did i miss this one!! lol

Awesome song man. I love that hook too. Great vox and guitars all around. Your death metal voice is superb. :D Everything about this song is just perfect my friend. Actually reminds me of Mushroomhead a lil bit.

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