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Fighting Game or Other Tournament...can we make a comeback?


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EDIT: I've decided on a game: Street Fighter Alpha 3. The last time we did this game, it was a lot of fun, and I figure this is a great one to start with...however, the rules are going to be a little different, in order to make up for inequities in the last set of rules.

To register, please list your AIM screen name in this thread - and contact another player to start playing.

The League Phase is a round-robin - everyone who wishes to join the tournament will be included, but in order for your matches to count (for yourself or your opponents) you must play at least 3 opponents. During the League Phase, winning a match is everything, but the first tiebreaker is MOST losses - you will always be rewarded in some way for winning a match.

The League Phase AND Registration will end on Sunday, October 5th @ 11:59 pm EDT. You may join the tournament on October 5th @ 11:00 pm, and if you play three matches in one hour then your games count.

The Bracket Phase will consist of all players who won a certain given number of matches - at least 3 wins must be achieved, and you must be ranked better than at least half of your opponents...aside from that, I may limit the round more due to tournament size.

The Winner Picks the Next Game (please refrain from a fighting game, but since this is the first time we're redoing this then maybe it's not a big issue).

Match Format: All matches will have the same general format:

Normal Speed

5 Rounds

Slow Timer

Low Damage

Play until one player has won THREE fights - if there happens to be a tie, replay the fight (but two double K.O.'s in a battle are particularly unlikely).

DO NOT USE ONE CHARACTER MORE THAN TWICE. If there is an issue regarding a player choosing a character in round 1, then the player hosting must choose first.


If you have problems finding the rom or getting hooked up, send me an AIM (metzgerism).

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Street Fighter Alpha 2's preferable.

I also love NES Tecmo Super Bowl.

Yeah well nobody else does so just join the Tecmo Player's Circuit and suffer your requisite 18 ass-whuppins :)



I don't care I'd play anything but

shit Mario Kart was fun.

Hey guys...remember Cockbee?

EDIT: Shit...um

One vote for 2020 Super Baseball on the NEO-GEO or SNES.

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Alright, so I think we'll start out with Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Last time we did it, we used Turbo 2 - a little too fast, especially for connection speeds. Plus, I don't want two players who are significantly better than the field being given the distinct advantage of playing against opposition that is subjected to a level of play higher than themselves.

So, I'm thinking best 3/5's in both matches and rounds, and to mix it up more, maybe you can't use the same character more than once or twice.

I'm open for suggestions.

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