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Secret of Evermore 'Dark Shores of Crustacia'


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So this is my entry into the Freshly Baked Remix Competition. I had been thinking about submitting it to the OCR panel to see if it would get posted. But I figured, I'd rather get some feedback before I sent it in. I'm specifically looking at three questions:

1. Do you think this is far enough away from the original source material?

2. Is the production quality good enough?

3. Would you listen to this... on purpose?

Here's the track:


Here's a MIDI of the OST:


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About time for another Evermore remix! Supremely underrated soundtrack

I'm liking the organ theme for this, I never would've seen such a dark atmosphere come from the original

However there is some minor dissonance in certain parts that are wince-worthy, and the organ by itself feels somewhat lacking, which could be easily fixed with some minor instrumentation... dark string synths for example, or maybe some extra organ layers in higher/lower octaves, just something to fill up the space and add texture

With some minor additions this would absolutely be submission worthy in my opinion, it's a strong mix

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while there are variations going on here - nothing besides the source really stands out to me. the more liberal stuff from the piece is sometimes too busy or notey to come off as clear and impressionable. i would rework some of the parts and try to add more to the fold. i think you can also make this more sinister for the tone you have here. the organ and production are good to me. this definitely could be something great.

and you have a pipe organ here...why isn't there more fugue going on?!

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The notes are kind'a blurry, you might want to use a BP filter relative to key to keep notes apart, as well as give them some timbre, something to tell them apart more. With full organ and especially when it's just organ, clarity is important. This doesn't quite have that clarity.

It's also kind'a busy, taking away the potential dynamics a track like this could have. The little break around 1:00 was great, but use more stuff like that.

Bwöh, the questions you had:

1. It could be, but changing up the rhythm would both improve the track and serve as a form of interpretation. Since it's a kind'a simple source, I suggest you work more on writing sections with different rhythm for it. See which ones you want to use.

2. Production is not good enough. It's got panning, an organ sample I have no problem with, but it lacks clarity. Multiband compressor, key-relative filter, something to give it clarity. EQ might not be enough, but it's certainly one thing you can try.

3. As it is now... no. As it could be, even if it's just organ... I think so. But it needs dynamics in both intensity and rhythm, as well as clarity.

I'm sure it'll be good. I think it could be great.

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