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Mega Man 9 'Tornado Man' (NSF)


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Hello guys, long time!

I've remade MM9's Tornado Man in NSF format. I've always loved doing NES stuff so this was great fun to work on, even though the percussion was a nightmare to make. Thanks a lot to TSSF/Mathew Valente for his help with some drum sounds. I think it's around the 99% complete mark, there might be a few nitpicks or two I'll fix but it's pretty much done as it is.

Hope you guys like it :) I don't know if I'll make other tracks from the game but who knows! It's really fun.


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...how is one supposed to play an NSF? Could you convert it to an MP3, please?

ChipAmp for PC (or Audio Overload for Mac)

Anyhow, I really don't know what to say about the .nsf mv; I mean, only people who make chiptunes who know all the little things could give you criticism about stuff. To the untrained ear, it sounds just like the original...but that doesn't mean it isn't awesome. I enjoyed it, for what it's worth.

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What Inc said. How does one go about making NSFs?

If you're going for a perfect match, one of the leads is a little off at 00:11 - 00:22. The non-melody one I think is hitting too many notes.

It sounds great, though.

As for playing them, I found a plugin for WinAmp a while back. Shouldn't be too hard to Google one.

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Thanks for the comments :)

To make this NSF I've used ekid & reduz's S3M2NSF, which converts s3m modules to the NSF format, it works really nice except for a few tricks/glitches with the noise channel (which is why the drum sounds can't exactly sound the same as in the original) and no macro support. Other people also use FamiTracker, and the most hardcore will program their own using MCK then MML.

As for playing NSF files, Zophar has lots of players and winamp plugins for you to try out.

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