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Help. Need famous paintings.

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Hello everyone. So, I have a directing project due in a few days in which I need to direct a scene that has my actors eventually following into the posings of three famous painting or photographs. I've been looking for a while, but the extent of my knowledge on fine arts is lacking... and google images doesn't seem to be cutting it right now.

So I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some famous paintings, or artists, or photographs, that involve 1-4(or 5) people in them? Thanks.

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Is there an era in particular?

First name that pops in mind for having a plethorae(sp?) of people in it is Michelangelo and his works on the walls of the Sixtine Chapel.

Manet, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, Klimt, Munch, Caravaggio (Caravage), Jan van Eyck, Delacroix, Ingres, Warhol, are a few of the people with famous works that come to mind.

Those are mainly painters. For photography I know nothing. As for sculptures, Rodin and once again Michelangelo are what people should recognize the most.

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I third "Nighthawks" because it's my favorite painting. Also, van Eyck is really good as well, for instance "Wedding Portrait" and for a single person "Man in Red Turban".

Albrecht Durer is also of note for "Knight, Death, and Devil".

Michealangelo's Creation of Adam is a good one (It's Sistine Chapel). I believe Vilecat is refering to "the School of Athens" among the others as well, but that one is more like 20-25 people.

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I'd recommend just going to the official websites of various famous museums and checking out special selected works and museum highlights sections.

Here are some examples:

The Louvre

Musee D'Orsay

The National Gallery, London

Vatican Museums

I'd also recommend checking out Michelangelo's David. It's hard to tell unless you have close-ups (which you can easily find online) or have seen it in person, but the attention to detail in his (HUGE) hands and facial expression is simply incredible, although that has little to do with your project.


Isn't there some obscure painting with dogs playing poker? I don't know the name of it. I saw it in Simpsons or something.

Hehehe Dogs Playing Poker

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