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    Comic books!

    Vertigo's Fables. Also: Jack of Fables. (I also love anything by Geoff Johns. Seriously. The guy is like a writing machine. And Kurt Busiek is one amazing writer as well. If you want to see superhero stories with literary depth, I highly recommend the Astro City series.)
  2. Great! Let's get our pitchforks and shotguns and I'll meet you all at Nintendo Headquarters in Kyoto!
  3. Hey, bro, represent. I actually gave my Sapphire away because I was so underwhelmed. And this from the guy who logged over three hundred hours on Gold.
  4. I am, was, is an idiot. My freshman year of college, I had brought my gamecube games to college with me, but forgot my memory card with all my save data. I had an old gray one with 59 blocks and no save data, so we just started a new save in order to play some multiplayer. Smash Bros. Melee was a gaming event and we played it for the first few weeks of the term. I still didn't know my housemates too well. One of them was an incredibly good Melee player, beating my butt up and down the floor everytime we played. My card was normally plugged into the machine. So when I fired up a new game (Baten Kaitos Origins) I had to delete a few save games to make up room for it. I chose smash, thinking my friends wouldn't mind now that I had my real card. Without my knowing it, the guy who rocked at Smash had gone home and gotten his memory card, with eveything unlocked on it. I deleted his smash save, thinking it was mine. Needless to say, when he confronted me about it, I was quaking with fear. He was angry, but surprisingly forgiving. While he could never get his hours back or his entire collection of trophies (yeah, he had all of them), he did beat and unlock everything within two days and then for good measure, unlocked a few things on my melee save file on my actual memory card. And surprisingly, he and I became quite good friends.
  5. Oh man, I love those levels! Usually I rush through levels but those dark ones force me to be patient and take my time. And I can push my teammates into the abyss. That's always alright by me.
  6. I'm going to go ahead and say that the e-reader was a monumental success compared to the new heart monitor thing they'll be releasing. That thing's dead in the water.
  7. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090616/ap_on_re_us/us_pastor_s_wife_slain I hate reports like this. My God. How asinine. How idiotic do you have to be to believe that "death isn't real"? More violence and video games, more idiots looking outside themselves for excuses.
  8. Zup

    Wii Motion Plus

    Yes. Consumers are idiots. You know, in general.
  9. Zup

    Zelda Wii

    Wind Waker? Metroid Prime? Or am I an old fogie now? I don't like this growing up business.
  10. Zup

    Nintendo Wii

    I loved that game. Explored the world in and out. SO much more fun than 64, in my opinion. The world was just so well crafted. And FUN!
  11. Zup

    Metroid: Other M

    Could that lava multi-eyed thing be a scene from Metroid II? You know, where she fought and (supposedly, obviously not, according to later games) wiped out all of the metroids?
  12. 1. Wall-E 2. Toy Story 3. Toy Story 2 4. The Incredibles 5. Ratatouille
  13. Zup

    Nintendo Wii

    Gosh, all Nintendo does is remakes! Gosh! Ugh! Come up with something original! [/your friend]
  14. Zup

    Nintendo Wii

    Yeah, mine ran hot and loud and my GPU got busted. Be careful.
  15. And when Animation gets accepted as not-for-kids, such as "The Simpsons," you get crappy shows like "King of the Hill" and "Family Guy" that suck out creativity in the genre. You know, like Futurama, one of the best animated shows ever made.
  16. Zup


    So nobody else really hated the Black Freighter story but me? I thought it was tedious and boring. I understand its connection to the main plot and the reverberations of the theme, but I still thought it was ultimately too wordy and I wanted to get back to the real story every time. Now I skip it when I reread Watchmen.
  17. Should it be flash fiction (ie, shorter the better?) or a full story (beginning, middle, end, conflict, climax, resolution) or just an amazingly short story? I have a few ideas that might work. I love writing, so please count me in.
  18. Zup

    Nintendo Wii

    name: Zup Town: Dunes friend code: 5413 3437 0056 PM me if you add me- I have peaches and I'm always willing to go to someone's town/host someone at mine (if they bring another fruit as a toll! haha)
  19. I heard about this in my History of Superheroes class today when Gail Simone came in and talked about Birds Of Prey and her current writing on Wonder Woman. She knows what's going to happen, apparently, and acted excited about it. She also mentioned that while there are editorial mandates, they're extremely rare and the choice to "kill" Batman was made a long, long time ago. The writers have a considerable amount of freedom.
  20. Wow! I never looked that close. And Fusion was my first Metroid game, so I played it over and over. That's so cool.
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