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  1. Oh! and it is really rather open ended. Any type of style, time period, anything. But must have 1-4(maybe 5) people in it. Example: http://www.harpers.org/media/image/blogs/misc/oedipus-the-king.jpg It has a few extra people than what I need, but I might be able to trim it down. Interesting poses...etc.
  2. Hello everyone. So, I have a directing project due in a few days in which I need to direct a scene that has my actors eventually following into the posings of three famous painting or photographs. I've been looking for a while, but the extent of my knowledge on fine arts is lacking... and google images doesn't seem to be cutting it right now. So I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some famous paintings, or artists, or photographs, that involve 1-4(or 5) people in them? Thanks.
  3. Do any of you still have the original Strategy guide book for this game? This is the only game I've used it and gotten every last secret possible. ...Of course... that was before someone decided to steal my SMRPG cartridge and never return it... So I have no proof of my amazing accomplishment of getting everything.
  4. Very nice read. I agree with whoever said it prior to me... Secret of Evermore is my favorite work of his. He had some real winners in that soundtrack.
  5. Agreed with almost everyone... this movie was hands down one of the most thrilling and fun movies in a long time. I loved the presentation, I loved the feeling of helplessness, and I loved the super intense sequences; I kept on forgetting to breathe. Awesome movie. Highly recommended. Go see it.
  6. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... this is the BEST game on Wii to date. It easily consumed 65 hours or so on the hardest mode, and it was a blast to play. I did nothing for two weeks straight except this game. I died on average maybe 2-3 times on each map, and sometimes 6 times on the MUCH harder maps. Its a brilliant game. I felt sad at the very end when you have 60+ characters to choose from, and you can only take like...what...14 or so into the last 4 maps. Quite a few characters missed out. My favorite character ended up being Mia... when she maxes out... she is intense. She could take on multiple fleets at one time. Ending team was Ike, Boyd, Harr, Shinnon, Nephenee, Naliah, Titania, Gatrie, Oscar, Tibarn, Giffca, Cainegis and a few others. I loved the difficulty, the intense and in depth story, and the old school gaming feel of it. I wish more games were like this.
  7. Galaxy was fun, i'll admit. But I really don't care much for 3-d plaformers (minus the GOW series)... so until brawl comes out and I can test it... FE is my favorite wii game so far. My christmas haul- Shoes Clothes Sushi-making kit "How to be a Working Actor" A mini fountain for my room Gift cards at Mervyns/Spencers Ipod alarm clock/stereo a free haircut at my sister's salon (its a joke...since i get them anyway) And a really good dinner,with fun family time
  8. I'd go as far as "its the best wii game period"... but i don't know how many people will agree with me
  9. Reading up on it... it was near 4(+) hours long in Canada...and when it moved to London, it was cut down to 3 1/2 hours. Go check out the website. It has some sweet videos (I think). The show is definately a spectacle-type show. I think it cost near 26 million to produce...and for a staged show that is ALOT.
  10. Being a Musical Theatre Major... I believe that everything SHOULD be a musical. But thats just me. And I thought some of the videos on the LoTR:The Musical website looked pretty sweet.
  11. I'm working on my A.A. in theatre right now... and within the next year I will hopefully be working on a B.F.A. in musical theatre.
  12. Well... you know guys... I was really hoping that Doc Oc would have shown up for the final 25 minutes... ya know...since everyone else was getting a storyline. Ya, he could've come at a peak moment to save Peter, or MJ or a random pedestrian from a falling block,*que intense music* delivered some inspirational monologue to Peter about how important love is and how Peter taught him a real lesson in the last movie and he was there to repay the favor... and heck... he could've floated off with Sandman to make little octopus-sand babies. ...Dang. I should write scripts for these movies... I can come up with the same stuff they can...and they get paid for it! In all seriousness though, i must say that Harry WAS the redeeming, good factor in the movie.
  13. Only two? I thought the soundtrack had at least 12 good songs in it... I'm a broadway fanatic though. The show was one of the most intense, brilliant spectacles I had ever seen. Definately go see it if you are near its touring location.
  14. I know it was recently released in Japan and it is going to take a while to get over here... but the main reason i bought a Wii was for the Fire Emblem game coming soon.
  15. EvilZereno


    I'm going to go see it on the Imax within the next week or two... and it will be my third time seeing it. That makes it 900... i did the math.
  16. EvilZereno


    And you were perfectly clean shaven everywhere else on your body and you mysteriously were drenched in sweat, and dirt covered your man boobs; your biceps had grown larger then your girlfriend's head...and your stylin' 8-pack stomache was showing because your shirt was ripped off and you felt the uncomfortable feeling of wearing a leather man thong. But you didn't mind because you found an Asian/middle eastern/mutant looking person in the parking lot and stabbed him with the pointed stick you made. ...Don't worry dude... it happened to all of us.
  17. Our class was really stupid. Some idiotic drunken seniors cut class, and attempted to chain in all the junior and sophmore cars into the parking lot when the lunch bell rang. Within 5 minutes a janitor came out with big chain cutters and freed them. REALLY lame.
  18. EvilZereno


    He played Faramir in The Two Towers/Return of the King. Pretty cool dude.
  19. I dunno about you guys...but I only downloaded it because the really pretty nurse from "House" plays a fairly big role in it. Woot! for pretty nurses helping to command all out war of mechs, tanks and soldiers...>_> anyway... off to bed.
  20. Personally...my wallet doesn't let me think of such things right now.
  21. If every system went back to sprites and the 16-bit look I would be estaticly happy. I hate 95% of every game our right now that is in 3-d. However... once in a blue moon a new 3-d game will come out that I thouroughly enjoy but it isnt often (God of War, TP, FFIX). But thats my opinion on graphics.
  22. How ironic that this page comes up... My year and a half old Zen just died yesterday in the car...for good. All i did was shut it off and when i came back out to the car it wouldnt start up. I tried resetting it but it is stuck on the intro screen. So... im gonna go buy an ipod. The touch-pad on the Zen (in my opinion) SUCKED MAJORLY but...maybe the new version of Zen is better.
  23. I do believe that "hippies" and "trees" should be in the same catagory. I live 2 hours above "fags" in the most hippy area ever. Nationwide we have the most votes for the green party.
  24. *sigh* For christmas I got Happy feet and Splinter Cell for wii... I hate family members who fail at buying decent games... I meen WTF...HAPPY FEET!? Yea...I'm gonna be makin' a specific trip to EBgames just to trade in this crap. (Splinter Cell was horrid)
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