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Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO

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actually, i think it'll be pretty good. i've found that the best way to approach this is to ignore the trainwreck that was galaxies and treat this as an entirely different beast altogether (especially since it is and bioware has, for the most part, put out excellent games). when i do that, i don't see that much risk of the game falling flat on its face. it can't be much (if at all) worse than WoW and that one is sufficient enough as it is (i'm just tired of it and how nerfed it has become)

and maybe it's just me but i'm a big enough star wars geek to enjoy it regardless for a little while before i start hating the monthly subscription.

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Personally, I'm a star wars nut so it's just a matter of time, but I'm more disappointed with the fact that this is the last Lucasarts project, seeing as it has been shut down. I would think that they would want to make this their final hurrah, and seeing the quality of Bioware's continued work, this might be a pretty damned playable game. Better than WoW when it comes to story by far. (Biased D&D opinion of WoW not withstanding) I'm pretty sure that they won't screw the pooch on this one.

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I do hope the game is good. But every time I see videos of it, I can't help but think its just WoW in Space.

I think I'll have to see someone play it in person before I jump in.

I admit there are concerns about that but i think that's going to be unavoidable at this point.

MMO's right now are 'suffering' from Diehard syndrome.

Movie Reference. Diehard kicked off an entire age of action movies.

The 'problem' if one can call it that is the mechanics work TOO well in a GUI perspective.

In this case: The story+lore far outstrip WOW and the detail they're taking to each world is significantly higher than one might expect. If they're not kidding on the dragon age map size reference this will be one of the largest universes at launch i've EVER seen. This is going to rival EVE online in general size.

Dont focus on the core gameplay at this point. Focus on Story and Class balance: Which appears to be dead on.

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I think that hits the nail on the head. All they really show you in the preview and trailers are things we've already seen. To experience the story and the "good" parts of the game, I have to buy it first.

I don't like to start things and not finish them. If it turns out to be "WoW in space", I will quit, and I'll be unhappy at myself for investing whatever amount of time I did, because I know I'm not going to "finish" it.

Its a gamble, and I prefer not to gamble. If one of my friends gets in and raves about it, I'm sure I'll hop on board eventually. I just can't see myself taking the plunge right now from what I've seen.

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guild wars 2 is looking way better, both from released material and from anecdotes from testers i know.

I totally agree here. I've been keeping an eye on GW2 for a while now and it's shaping up to be a pretty awesome game so far.

It's kind of a shame though. I'm a big Star Wars fan but SWTOR isn't doing anything for me. I mean the story bits sound great, but anytime I take a look at the gameplay it just looks like stuff I've long grown tired of. I want to be interested—I should be interested—but I get nothing from it.

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guild wars 2 is looking way better, both from released material and from anecdotes from testers i know.

Yup. Maybe its partly because I'm more into fantasy than sci-fi, but Guild Wars 2 is looking to be a pretty great game to me with a lot of cool features.

I'll admit, I thought the story segments in SWTOR were pretty good when I played the beta. Pretty much straight from a BioWare single player RPG, and as such the writing and voice acting were really good. The gameplay did feel pretty safe though, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I don't think it will wow anyone who is looking for something new and exciting in that department. The addition of a cover system for the Infiltrator and Smuggler classes was an interesting idea, but I found that it wasn't all that effective. Also, pretty standard MMO fare as far as actual quest objectives go, but having choices when doing quests and turning them in is a nice touch.

I'm sure the game LOOKS beautiful on a good PC, no question about that. And I bet the lore and voice acting will be great for Star Wars fans who really want to immerse themselves in the setting. But I dunno, not quite sold on it myself.

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well i grabbed one entered a key and have gotten no response on my account or anything else. Am i missing something?

My understanding is that, once you have a key, they will invite you to one of the Beta Weekends rather than immediately.

Also, I preordered the game today, went to enter my preorder code... and was told it was already used. So now I get to file a bug report.

(Note: preorder code is a different code than the beta weekend code, I'm just venting.)

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