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Fallout 3 for the PC


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I know it may be post-apocalypse-racism speaking, but whenever the ghouls tries to do anything productive, it only makes EVERYTHING worse. The next play through, I'm killing ALL Ghouls. I'm seriously angry at them.

Hey. You can't say that about Argyle!

Also, for all those owning the PC version who want a little more variety in their Galaxy News Radio playlists, there's now a mod that inserts 40 more 78RPM recordings from the 20s-40s era:


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I wish you can kill the kids like you can in Fallout 1 and 2. Those brats SOOO deserve a beheading. Each bratty one.

Word. I hate when you get to Lamplight Caverns and you can't blow the effing Mayor's head off. That god damn brat. If he was an adult I would have shot his head off immediately. Not that I didn't try.

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