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Gears of War 2

prophetik music

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i know that this is an rpg-bias forum, but has anyone else picked up gears 2? i turned in fable 2, fable, and another crappy xbox original game and wound up getting money BACK when i bought it, thanks to gamestop's 20% turn-in deal and my card.

i think it's awesome - about as good as the original gears. better vehicular sequences, much more balanced gameplay. too bad shotgun dodging is gone, cause i SUCK at multi now.

and horde is possible the greatest multiplayer experience i've had on xbox live.

what do you think?


prophet [prophetofsax]

zombie [synthonic]

furiousfure [furiousfure]

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It was definitely fun, though I felt like I was playing Gears of War 1 the entire time. I guess there's not much room to improve on the original. Co-op makes the game for me. I don't think it's nearly as fun playing it single-player. I haven't had a chance to play multiplayer, since I don't own the game (or a 360 for that matter).

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