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I got a beta key for home. It is really cool. If it goes in the direction that I see it going it will be something extremely substantial for the playstation 3. It acts as a meeting place an actual virtual city where you can meet other players and have a general chat with them about anything, compare trophies, see what games they are proficient at and if so, maybe recruit lets say Resistance 2 clan members. There is also an ability where you can make clubs with any theme you want. At this point a club meeting can be scheduled at a given time and can take place at someones "virtual house". and example would be an electro house club. A person could host an actual meeting and all talk through headsets, share new music from there house, since, I believe you will be able to upload music from your HDD into your house by means of a stereo or something like that.

Maybe in the future certain trophies may unlock certain items in home or perhaps you will be able to make a trophy rack in your virtual living space as decoration. Apperently you can customize your walls with actual pictures from your HDD.

The main plaza or main centre of the city that you walk around has trailers and tidbits of interesting info of certain games seemlessly in game. So rather then you walk up to a window and hitting the x buttom to watch a video, its as if your avatar is watching the video. Even in the home theater your avatar sits down in an actual theater and you watch your avatar watch the movie. Its odd at first but adds a very nice feeling of a second life reality.

Just from playing the beta home basically connects any Playstation 3 game to make the whole network, Home and all seem almost like its own giant MMO. You can meet new friends or players in the lobby see what games there good at and maybe recruit them online for lets say an online co-op resistance battle which can be booted straight from home.

Apperently too certain games you can walk through maps empty, (heard from some magazine that you can walk through the resistance 2 maps empty through home, and while you do this you will hear radio chatter adding to the Resistance 2 universe)

Being able to upload your music, your pictures, join clubs that match your interests Home has the potential to be a massive second life application on Playstation 3 which can be freightning lol.

I cannot wait for the full version and to see at what level Home will interact with games and trophies and hopefully the club option will expand exponentially to match everyone's interests. Hopefully there's enough playstation 3 users here to start an OCRemix club.

Oh another thought. Hopefully you can download other ppl music or pictures with there permission. Along with little big planet and life with playstation, the playstation 3 isnt simply just a gaming system anymore its become a multimedia device that you can express yourself and share your thoughts and ideas online.

Home has such potential it scares me...

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well of course you're going to have those kind of technical difficulties. Its still a work in progress i mean it is a beta. But just mentioning what it should be able to accomplish in the future. So far ive had many weird technical difficulties with it, like if i try to access the XMB in game, it'll freeze when i try to go back to home, extreme loading times, wierd glitchy stuff here and there, but ya.

I think it will become quite an interesting social network though.

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Oh...I thought this was about a House spin-off...his snarky cousin as a psychologist or something...

I LOL'd.

I didn't get a beta key, and I'm interested... SOMEONE, somewhere, at some point in time is going to create a compelling, OPEN, mmo-style universe that can be plugged into like Facebook but doesn't have a ridiculous, limiting, archaic, crappy architecture like Second Life.

Remember in the early days of the web, when people were hyped about VRML, now X3D?

Something like that, only good... it's inevitable, but the wait sure is frustrating...

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