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OCR01028 - Super Metroid "Norfair (Frailty Awaiting)"

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people who think ambience is just downtempo trance would do well to listen to this mix

real ambience, very well done


:banghead:(I fall victim to that sometimes too)

It's so easy to throw down tempo beats over ambient music. Of course the timing with the FX is the hard part.

I can def see how some people felt this song was one long extended note. The changes are subtle and the textures stay very mucht he same until 2:45. This does create a very stirring atmosphere and emotions, which IMO is the whole point to ambient style music. The mix is def not for everyone but it accomplishes what it sets out to do.

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The original track wasn't that epic in the first place. It was just an ambient piece. But CotMM's ambient Super Metroid mixes are the best imo.

But... this track is currently mislabeled as the wrong song. this isn't Norfair Depths or same song as the other "Ancient ruins Area." this is just the normal Norfair song.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01028 - Super Metroid "Norfair (Frailty Awaiting)"

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